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Infrared Blinding / Stitch It Up – Mark Lanegan

In April 2019, Mark Lanegan published a song called “stitch it up.” In July 2019, while cleaning his nails Chris dropped his pocket knife onto his bare foot. The blade hit an artery point down, creating a blood fountain, and Chris nearly needed stitches. I knew at the time that this was a mind control incident. To my recollection there were a number of signs.

“Stitch It Up” the first verse:

The hounds are behind me
Footsteps following
You know you can’t find me
I’m miles from the crime scene

the last verse:

The Beast walks next to me
Infrared blinding
Ropes can’t bind me
Knife’s still inside me

This is important because it seems to link between infra red and medical malfeasance, and most interestingly – the music business. The incident with the knife was done with direct control of Chris’ brain and behavior via biomedical implants and frequency based technology. That something of this nature was being planned and was known to be planned by people in the community, and by musicians like Lanegan, is significant. When Chris dropped the knife, it pierced an artery. “The beast walks next to me” would seem to be a reference to a single by Jeffrey Lee Pierce – “Walking With The Beast” – which Chris had displayed near his book shelf. This also supports my statement of surveillance from inside our home being distributed into the world at large, especially the entertainment industry, because Lanegan was never in our home, and very few people were in the tiny studio apartment where we lived since 2014. Jeffery Lee Pierce (Gun Club) died of an aneurism in 1996, as did another contemporary Los Angeles musician, Paula Pierce (Pandoras) in 1991. Kurt Cobain wrote a song called “Aneurism” in 1991. Another likely link to all of this is Pierce County, Washington (Tacoma) just south of King County (Seattle).

One other thing I’ll mention though it’s slightly off topic is that the Nirvana song Aneurism was recorded at Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California. My daughter had a cousin named Delmar who died, allegedly, of a heroin overdose 9/21/2002 at age 25, but based on patterns, I know he was murdered – possibly via aneurism. I now understand that lots of people know ahead of time not only who is on a list to be killed, but how they may be harmed or killed. I also now know there is a link between Sub Pop linked Seattle bands and my daughter’s paternal cousins, like Delmar, and his brother Redsky who died in 2006 at age 26, and their sister Stormy who died in a car crash in 2016 at age 33, and their Uncle Timmy who was “randomly” stabbed to death in a bar parking lot in 2017.

Message to and from Mark Lanegan

I’ll be criticized for publishing this, because these were private messages, and because I’m criticized for doing anything and everything, especially when what I’m doing threatens to expose people who’s cover for crime is misdirection and silence. This is a message from Chris Newman to Mark Lanegan, and Lanegan’s response. Comments following.

Twitter message from Chris Newman to Mark Lanegan

Chris never saw the response. I found it, unread, after Chris died.

Lanegan died in Ireland 2/22/22 (1 year + 3 days after he wrote this response to Chris, apparently of Covid-19, but I believe that like Chris Newman, Sam Henry, Steve Hanford, Tom Roberts, Fred Cole, Andrew Loomis, Elliott Smith, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Andrew Wood, Mia Zapata, Kurt Cobain, Kristin Pfaff, Stephanie Sargent, Jimi Hendrix, and so many others, Lanegan – a butterfly – was assassinated by the CIA/FBI via wirelessly accessed piezo-electrical biomedical implants

Again, these assassinations are not so much secret as covered up, being as the victims seem to be chosen based on community informants, and it appears that these informants get together to decide who to target in this way, and they are financed in this endeavor from a variety of corporate sources.

“You look good in my dress
I’ll get your friends to clean the mess
You look good in my clothes
I can feel you where the doctor goes..”
– Courtney Love (Hole) “Beautiful Son”

Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain wearing dresses

Untimely Deaths

Below is embedded a long thread I started in July 2020, trying to call attention to what I consider to be an unreasonably large number of untimely deaths of musicians in the Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco music scenes (of the 1980s, 1990s, mostly). I was trying to pound the alarm, basically, and put a stop to what I knew were not random events.

Little did I know that less than a year later, Chris would be gone, and less than two years later, Sam Henry would also be gone. These deaths, even though they are from cancers, heart attacks, car crashes – are murders.

Since Chris died, I see that misinformation has come out about, not just his death, but about his life. Reviewing his Wikipedia page the other day, I felt that I shouldn’t just let what I knew to be either false information, or gaping holes in the true information (he died of cancer, but it was still murder) – stand completely unchallenged.

In June 2021 I spent about two days straight attempting to report Chris’ death to Portland Police as a murder, and they spent two days avoiding and/or discounting me, refusing to even take a report, much less open an investigation. In fact, I have a lot of information supporting the fact that Chris was murdered, and that many people were involved.

Nonetheless, as time goes by, and people continue to die from these same kinds of financed, slander-instigated, wireless attacks, I think it is actually important that the true story is supported and brought forward until it at the very least becomes part of the narrative.