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April 6, 1994 – New York Times front page – clues

Every version of the story told openly is that Kurt Cobain was missing on April 6, 1994, but not in a public way. In reality, he was lying dead in his greenhouse. The story that I “received” (psychically) is that Cobain’s April 5 suicide was captured on surveillance video, and distributed or possibly even trafficked by the FBI/CIA to the usual suspects – journalists, celebrities, political leaders, global financiers, etc.

What newspapers like New York Times do when something like this is either being planned, or has happened (and this includes the 9/11 attacks) is sneak commentary in between the lines. Part of this is achieved with language, part with images, and part is achieved with juxtapositions – what articles appear next to what other articles. Also, as I said in an earlier post, the name of the reporter covering a story is often significant, as in containing a hidden reference to something.

Here is a small corner of the front page of April 6, 1994 New York Times that caught my attention. Cropping a portion of a document in a photo can bring out things you might otherwise miss. (Commentary below image)

April 6, 1994 New York Times front page detail
New York Times, 6 April 1994, p1

In this section of the front page is an article about Serbian attacks on a Muslim town in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselić is Croatian. Also, throughout these issues I see what I think are allusions to the impending 9/11 attacks, which were manufactured to seem to be a grudge held by a group of radical Muslims against the US. I’m not saying that the attacks were not that – I’m saying that, like Cobain’s suicide, the entire situation was manufactured by the CIA from start to finish. In other words, yes, Cobain committed suicide, but he was also murdered. Yes, the 9/11 attacks were an attack on the US by a group of radicals, but it was also a type of false flag. In other words, with mind control technology, the human brain itself is hacked, hijacked, and weaponized. Our current legal system doesn’t deal with this, but it needs to, because the human brain is a powerful weapon.

There’s an article that says “Teamsters Strike Stops Activity of Big Haulers” by Catherine S. Manegold. So we have the word “big haul” and the name “Manegold” – not sure what to make of this but it seems like it’s something linked to finance. (Headlines I believe are created by editors, not the reporters.) And then, the article – and this was the beginning of a series of articles – that caught my attention first, was the article about Supreme Court Justice Blackmun retiring. Was Cobain seen as a type of Justice?

The thing that first caught my attention with this article was the sub-heading “Departure Is Unlikely to Alter Ideological Makeup of Bench.” Words that might be significant – departure, alter, makeup, bench. With regards to the word “alter” – there is a potential play on alter/altar and the idea of “alternative.” “Alter” is I believe a trauma-based mind control term for a secondary or alternate personality (I can’t recall where I’ve heard this, but I feel like I’ve heard it a lot) and yesterday it occurred to me that something of this could be implicit in the idea of “alternative” music which was the industry-friendly word for grunge and grunge-adjacent music of the 1990s.

The word “altar” appears at the end of the Cobain suicide note. “Frances, Courtney I’ll be at your altar” – but to me it looks just as much like “I’ll beat your altar.” Deaths are fetishized.

Francis is a person caught in the middle but Courtney was old enough to have agency. I no longer feel much empathy for her. Not after seeing what happened to Chris Newman. And the truth is, she knew this was going to happen to Kurt and to Chris and she actively played a role in bringing it about. She herself does not possess true empathy. I saw her bait and switch Chris with regards to things like she was going to write a book and mention him so he wouldn’t be forgotten. Around 2016 she told him that she remembered he had taught her to play guitar, which, if true, would be a very sweet thing to say in a book, though he didn’t remember teaching her to play guitar. When she did have someone call him about a book, that person only asked Chris about other random people, implying “you don’t really matter, Chris Newman.” Courtney didn’t call him herself. And she never wrote the book she’s been saying she’d write for years. It’s all bait and switch, wash rinse repeat until he’s dead. And then the community fetishes another fresh kill.

I’m sick of it and I sure don’t want to be next on this disgusting menu.

Back to the New York Times – look at who wrote the Judge Blackmun article – Linda Greenhouse.

“I just don’t want you to be shocked – that he’s a Blackmun”

New York Times – what do they know and when do they know it?

As I’ve been writing these posts, I know, due to my, you know, psychic abilities that various entities and individuals are, somehow, somewhere where I can’t see, continuing with or accellerating/snowballing their FBI-facilitated libelous attacks. Dealing with this is a challenge, because I don’t get a lot of detail about what, though often names come to me. Dan Cuneeen. Louis Samora. Tobi Vail. Witchypoo. (It’s Op Anne Boleyn.)

I don’t like saying I’m going to do something and then not doing it, and I said I’d look at the New York Times between Cobain’s suicide and the discovery of his body and I predicted I’d find clues that New York Times writers already knew he was dead and were weighing in behind the scenes. So I did look, and I did see signs of this, but I also realize this is for my purposes, not the most productive way to spend my time. Mostly, I want to make the point that this goes on all the time. And for others who want to see the light, it’s useful to take something like Times Machine after a world-shaking event, especially something that has signs of being mind control linked, and looking back at the lead up, and seeing what you can see. This sort of thing goes back decades.

By way of summary, I was a bit surprised, or at least did not expect to see things that seemed like they might be links to the 9/11 attacks in this time period (4/6-4/9/1994). In retrospect it makes sense, because both the suicide of Cobain and the 9/11 attacks were earth-shaking events in their own way, and both were done with mind control technologies, as part of a larger strategy. I am not going to get into it too much here but one phrase I noticed repeated was “Giuliani’s cuts.” NYC WTC Twin Towers were designed by a Seattle-born Japanese American architect, so there are Seattle links.

Another thing I’ve noticed in news stories is, weird as it seems, names of reporters covering stories are sometimes significant.

April 6 1994 NYT p 1 stocks rebound
April 6, 1994 NYT front page - children played pilot in Aeroflot jet that crashed
New York Times front page, 6 April 1994

April 6, 1994 – Stocks and Serbs surged, children played pilot in Aeroflot jet that crashed.

“Psychic pain”

Script keepers are crypt keepers, and crypt keepers are script keepers.

Those of us who have biomedical implants, like Kurt Cobain did, have abilities that can appear to be psychic. The mind – all parts of the brain – literally wirelessly controlled. That’s how relapses are forced, or people are made fat, or skinny, or even suicidal.

he said really i just wanna dance
good and evil matched perfect it’s a great romance
i can deal with some psychic pain
if it’ll slow down my higher brain
veins full of disappearing ink
vomiting in the kitchen sink
disconnecting from the missing link
this is not my life
it’s just a fond farewell to a friend
it’s not what i’m like
it’s just a fond farewell to a friend
who couldn’t get things right…

Elliott Smith, “Fond Farewell” Basement on A Hill 2004

April 9, 1994 – New York Times – medical “incompetence” and cancer drug warning – FBI investigates whether KGB recruited US official

I said earlier I thought I’d find things alluding to Cobain’s suicide in the days after the suicide and before his body was “found,” and I did. But these items that are in the same issue as his obituary are standing out to me right now. It’s the involvement of the medical systems. Cobain, like Chris Newman, was killed by a weaponized medical system. “Famous Blue Raincoat” Aunt Marge is part of that system.

The nastiness of the community around this – and make no mistake – people have been NASTY about Cobain – is likely part of this system as well. Folks around here, likely under the influence of biomedical mind control, often pretend to love, respect, admire the same people they sacrifice, with lies, to the FBI/CIA/hospital weapons globally-financed assassination system. It’s pretty atrocious.

It has not even BEGUN to get weird

Part of the reason to keep me arguing the same basic facts at basement level is to keep the big ugly truth from unfurling its wings. However, there are experiments that others can do at home to test some of the hypotheses I’m making. I’m not saying you’ll find a smoking gun that you can take to court and make a case beyond a reasonable doubt, but it really does make a big difference what you see, once you know what to look for. That’s the basic way this thing works.

Do you have a digital subscription to the New York Times, like I do? If so, here’s a set of assertions, and something to try, to test them out.

  1. Not just me and my family, but MANY people are under a type of distributed covert surveillance. My neighbors were, including and maybe especially Bret Bowman. Chris Newman was of course. My daughter is and has been since the day she was born. And Kurt Cobain was.
  2. Certain incidents, small and large, that appear to be things that just happen are actually planned out long ahead of time and known to a large number of people. The 9/11 attacks. The January 6, 2021 insurrection. And the suicide of Kurt Cobain.
  3. Our major newspapers are covering all this up while simultaneously revealing what they know between the lines, for reasons that I can’t entirely explain, except that it seems to be treated as a game.

So, within the world operating as advertised, these are three very outstanding statements. One might be tempted just to say I am a crazy conspiracy theorist and walk away (most people who do this actually know I’m telling the truth, making the situation even more murky). But the thing with statement number 3 is you can go back after a major event, to see if a breadcrumb trail had been left. Because I’m telling you, they cannot seem to help but leave clues.

I’ve done this experiment with Bret Bowman and the New York Times, and found clues. I’ve done the experiment with 9/11 attacks and there are so many clues, not just in the New York Times, but throughout Hollywood media, going on for years and years, it’s really incredible to me that the cover up is still so persistent. I suppose it’s all about these biomedical implants and assassination program, which is basically in the process or turning us into fascist state run by the FBI and CIA. I don’t recognize this fascist state and I wish others also would not.

Anyway, it never occurred to me until now to look at Kurt Cobain’s suicide through this lens. The thing about Cobain’s suicide although it occurred on April 5, 1994, his body was not immediately discovered. But I have asserted that Cobain was under surveillance when he committed suicide. Like I said, some of the surveillance going on is pornographic, including child exploitation, and some is snuff action. Most of it is invasive and manipulative. Remember – there are numerous surveillance devices in hospital rooms, and in elderly care homes as well. It’s sick stuff, and I’m continuing to call it what it is.

Kurt Cobain killed himself on April 5, according to examiners, but he was not found until April 8. So if I am correct that he was under distributed, likely even taped surveillance, the suicide would have been known about by an “elite” group for about three days before it was officially reported, and you better bet they would be sneaking references into the New York Times. In fact, it could have even affected other things, like the stock market, even before the body was “discovered.”

Have I looked into this yet? Nope.

But I will.

I think it’s important when possible, especially from the pre-internet era, to look at print archives. Because layout, juxtapositions, etc – matters. So I will use the Times Machine, and see what I see between April 5 and April 9, 1994. If you have a digital NY Times subscription, you can do the same thing.