Holocaust in the Land of the Lost

Diamonds seem to represent both finance and piezo-electrical biomedical implants. Chris Chalenor was a colorist for Dark Horse comics. Dark Horse Comics was established in 1986, the same year that Chalenor was interviewed for the Napalm Beach documentary. I think there must be some important link between this company and Chris Newman – one that Chris was unaware of. This is something to discuss later, but as far as Wu Tang Clan’s Gravel Pit goes, it came out in 2000 and Chalenor died in 2001. Because of the imagery in Gravel Pit, and the cartoonish nature of it, I’m convinced that it is intentionally referencing Chalenor and the financing of FBI files that lead to covert assassinations being linked to construction projects (thus, the endless gravel pit). Diamonds and gravel are part of the same system. There’s a nod to Ol’ Dirty Bastard who was in prison during this time period, probably for the same reasons.

Land of the Lost is the name of a Wipers album that also came out in 1986, for which Chris Newman painted the cartoonish cover.

Chris Chalenor flanked by two unidentified women at Satyricon, 6 January 1989

It is common to see media that covertly references something linked to Portland or the Pacific Northwest open with a direct reference to New York City. This makes me think that the finance and instructions linked to the finance is often coming from New York. In this case, it likely indicates finance for construction projects, and/or activities linked to biomedical implants. It may be that someone in New York is providing the outlines of the damaging scripts to distribute to the community, that they are expected to report back to the FBI. Perhaps in return for this, comes investment dollars.

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