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The crime landscape

The first thing to know is Chris and I were both deceived our whole lives, by everyone around us. It’s clear that our parents were lured, brainwashed, or otherwise convinced to participate in the deception going back, probably to before we were born. Based on how I’ve seen the boomer adults behave, I get the impression they were convinced that it was some kind of “special” thing to bring up their children in a trauma based mind control system. They are proud of it.

Proud of enslaving their own children. This is confusing to me, but maybe they too were deceived.

All while we had no clue what was going on, people positioned themselves around us strategically, planning out the crime of the century, much of which, apparently involved set ups, medical malfeasance, and scripting and filing false reports to the FBI. They sabotaged our efforts to marry and constantly lobbed traps and set ups at us. They took illegal surveillance and peddled it as “porn,” then used it as leverage for control and psychological abuse. No one prevented this. No one protected us. No one even acted like we had rights.

That I began to uncover something odd with Chris’ music history in 2013 was likely no accident. There’s reasons to suspect the entire thing was orchestrated through the mind control system, with the idea of killing Chris and I off via false reports to the weaponized FBI/CIA, collecting spoils, and continuing the crime indefinitely. Meanwhile, I was writing emails to music journalists, writers, trying to figure out why there were so many holes in people’s stories, and not accepting the deflection and weak excuses they were offering. They didn’t like that. They wanted me to swallow the lies and shut up.

The deception has not ended. People are still sticking to the same stories they’ve held onto for decades, even though it’s clear the stories are full of holes.

I am continually re-examining the take-down I experienced while seeking legal advice in January 2014, because it involved so many people, so much finance, and so many moving parts. Mind control technologies were involved. Sub Pop artists seem to have been involved. Courtney Love seems to have been involved. Doctors were involved. My mother was involved. Family friends were involved. I don’t see any evidence that anyone but me, Chris, and my daughter have bore the direct consequences of theses crimes, though I think millions of people have experienced indirect consequences.

For every crime committed that goes unaddressed, the crime organization seems to gain exponentially more power. That is why I say I will fight it until my last breath or until the crime has ended and the crime organization has been shut down.

The Courtney Love problem (butterflies and medical murders)

The Courtney Love problem extends beyond the trap she willingly walked into by fraudulently marrying Kurt Cobain. I say that it was a fraudulent marriage because she was a honey trap who’s job it was to destroy him, just as Chris’ wives were put in place to destroy him. I’m sure there was a cover story about them “taking care” of him (so he could be more easily defrauded out of all his creative works) – but that’s nothing but sugar coating. Dirt and sticks over a booby trap.

The problem is that she also has the FBI and CIA in a bind. The nature of the crime is mutual imprisonment. If Courtney were to testify truthfully under oath about her role, it would likely have a catastrophic effect on the Department of Justice – an effect that I think needs to happen – otherwise nothing will change – but of course they’d rather pretend everything is just fine as it is, and money and murder fixes everything. This is a DELUSION.

Courtney Love has the goods on the butterfly system. I suppose this is not a system the FBI and CIA want to admit they’ve been involved in (especially, I imagine, the FBI). Courtney Love has the goods on the reporting/informant system, the abuse, the medical murders. Perhaps on this account the Justice Department and CIA feel obligated to support her no matter how heinous her crimes.

Also, Courtney is obviously really good at deception, double speaking, and just flat out lies.

I was not the first person she deceived but I hope to be the last.

Nature of the crime – a crime against nature

I just googled “how do you tell a story if you don’t have all the pieces” and all top hits said “show don’t tell.” I have to think about how.

What I’m stuck on at the moment are connections that appear to exist, are hard to pin down, and don’t make a lot of logical sense to me, but I think that the reason they don’t make sense to me is because of the nature of the cover up.

What I’m talking about specifically are the links between families who don’t appear to have anything to do with the music business, and the music business. But also this notion of “FBI files” and specifically “files” that 1. are not accessable via a Freedom of Information act request 2. are somehow widely known to exist 3. are used by the FBI/CIA as a justification for human rights violations and constitutional rights violations including false imprisonment, torture, and murder (they may call it “execution”) all without the due process and other protections that are supposed to be guaranteed by the US constitution.

This doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s one of those situations where you see some of it – and you basically know what you’re seeing – but you can’t believe your eyes. And the nature of it is so foreign to how you thought things work, you don’t know what to do with it.

But it gets worse. And for me, it gets even harder to believe, because I know that people we trusted our whole lives have been leveraging this system to murder friends and family members.

The evidence that I have for this is the bizarre responses I’ve gotten from so-called friends and family either when announcing something I thought would make them happy, but instead they say I’m crazy – or when I report something that should make them concerned for my welfare, Chris’ welfare, or my daughter’s welfare – or the welfare of others you would think they care about – and they either say I’m crazy or they get mad, or they ignore it completely – or when I show that there is an emergency, someone is being harmed and needs help – and they ignore me, or they say I’m crazy, or they acknowledge that a problem exists and then blame me for it.

This is not normal behavior.

At first I thought maybe everyone was responding this way out of fear, and so I didn’t pursue it, didn’t push it, didn’t want to put them on the spot. But I feel less and less that this is correct. I actually think the sitation lends itself to destroying normal levels of caution and self-protection through a number of psychological and other mind control techniques including direct frequency-based control of brains. People behave in ways that make them seem zombie-like – seemingly devoid of normal human emotion and behavior.

There is a conspiracy at work and it’s about human trafficking, theft, covert medical experiments, and profitable murders. It appears to be run by the FBI and CIA, and to that end FBI/CIA seem to be working closely with duplicitous and dangerous people around Chris, me, and my daughter. There is finance coming into this group from a number of different sources, and they seem to be accumulating and/or distributing cars and property (including homes and businesses). The financial interest seems to be in keeping the aforementioned criminal activity afloat, and to that end, there are many strategic murders going on. And the process for this seems to be that people around us are paid by a number of entities to tell lies or stories that cast us in a bad light, with the hopes that FBI/CIA will harm and murder us based on these stories.

FBI/CIA tie themselves up this way, because they are acting outside the law and what that means is it’s criminal behavior conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community. And they have to know the gravity of that. Crawling up the hierarchy – you end up at cabinet level positions. The Oval Office may head this situation, but it doesn’t seem to be specific to any given President.

I don’t think it’s possible this crime is running without full knowledge of the Executive. I just can’t understand how they – the US federal government and citizens of the US and the world – justify it in their minds.

The Vogue – 1980s Seattle

The Belltown dance-club scene got kick-started in 1977 with the founding of a gay bar called Tugs Belltown at 2207 1st Avenue. It featured a big dance floor, lots of fresh punk and New Wave music, and the occasional live band. Down the street another gay venue, Johnny’s Handlebar, followed Tugs’ lead in 1979 when it reemerged as Wrex, a video dance club that spun alternative and punk records. In 1980 Wrex booked the first of what would be countless live bands — Delta 5, Joan Jett, X, Grace Jones, Hüsker Dü, and Romeo Void all played here. In 1982 Wrex was shuttered and The Vogue opened in its place. Many of the best local bands performed at The Vogue, including Mudhoney and Alice in Chains, and it was the venue for Nirvana’s first well-attended Seattle show, on April 24, 1988.


Visible Targets at Wrex advertisement
Visible Targets at Wrex 1981

I have not been able to figure out what a “video dance club” is. There are a few clubs that have media systems nowadays – for example, Dante’s in Portland gets crowded and has a television system so you can see the band from different corners of the club. And then there’s The Voyeur in Olympia, which apparently makes videos (or at least potentially makes videos, or it did make videos) of any/every band that plays there. Not sure what happens to those videos, because I’ve never seen them appear anywhere online. Evergreen State College in general is media-oriented (as is Portland Community College) and this is a whole bag of worms – because I am by now basically certain that both of these colleges are links between the CIA and the larger entertainment industry, and to this end, a ton of funding is coming in to these places from various sources to literally do surveillance based sex trafficking and brutal mind control forced-cult activities like the ones that led me to file a Title IX complaint in 2017. A complaint that I believe was shut down by Seattle-linked financial sources.

But I digress.

I don’t know what a video dance club. The photo I have of Snow Bud playing at Vogue shows a television set behind them and – is it a screen? with a white pyramid shape above it.

Snow Bud at the Vogue

In Portland the Met (located where Dante’s is now) until 1982, and in Seattle the Wrex until 82 and then the Vogue all seem to have been gay clubs that also attracted the “new wave” or “new music” crowd. The characters from the Vogue who reappeared in Chris’ life in some way after he met me include Claudia Gherkin, the booking agent, and secondarily Dennis White who had been a bartender at both Wrex and Vogue. Chris mentioned to me that White used to tend bar dressed like a woman, whereas Claudia sometimes uses a male name (Claude), at least online.

The Vogue seems to have been an important stepping stone for the bands that would be signed to Sub Pop. Going from the premise that grunge was a manufactured phenomenon largely based on imitating and then burying Chris Newman, and the whole process set up years ahead, it’s worth asking why the name Vogue (or even the name Wrex) was chosen. Wrex has a number of connotations, but one of the things it is are call letters of a TV station in Illinois – WREX channel 13, established 1953 (which was also the year Chris was born). UHF frequencies are used in mind control and to cause cancer via piezo electrical biomedical implants.

I stared into a belly through the eyes of a beast
Made a toast to life and commence the feast
We chewed up mints and creams till our mouths were oozing full
Devoured mounds of meat, sucking marrow from the bone
Washed it down with wine, vintage 1953
Leaned back in our chairs, sucked our gums and picked our teeth

Mudhoney – Final Course 2013
John Sex at Vogue - Seattle Rocket cover
From NYC – John Sex at Vogue (get it?) – Seattle Rocket 1987

A reason why I wonder about the name Vogue is because it’s the name of a premier – maybe the premier – fashion magazine, and grunge was not just music, it became fashion as well. David Bowie, Fashion is a 1980 song that seems in some ways to link the concept of fashion with fascism (goon squad, robotic dancing, etc) and may be related. The “Derelict” fashion show section of the 2000 movie Zoolander is an obvious satire of the concept of grunge fashion. The movie also brings out references to mind control black sites (“You have been in a day spa for a week”) and Manchurian candidate style assassinations. Just because a movie is fiction doesn’t make all parts of it untrue. There was literally a grunge-era Seattle band called The Derelicts, and yes they played at the Vogue and seem to have been close to Mudhoney.

The obvious reference to Vogue Seattle, once you begin to understand what it was, is Madonna’s Vogue (1990) “strike a pose.” In that song she names off a list of classic Hollywood movie stars.

Bowie also lists stars in his 2013 song about entertainment industry linked surveillance The Stars Are Out Tonight (with various meanings for “star” as star-like drones are part of this surveillance and attack network).

One of the things I figured out in 2015 when I was experiencing so much sexual and other harassment at Portland Community College was that there are cameras in bathrooms and dressing rooms all over Portland, and I now know, in Seattle clubs as well. Also, there are hidden cameras broadcasting from doctors exam rooms. The main location of these video surveillance devices seems to be fire sprinklers, so obviously, fire departments are part of the cover up. Also, it’s against the law to cover up a fire sprinkler. All of this footage – photos or video – collected from this hidden camera system seems to be distributed or trafficked to wealthy people (including celebrities and all in that orbit) worldwide. My understanding is this global surveillance, trafficking, and attack system is run by the CIA and FBI.

There are a few reasons why I know for sure that this hidden camera network exists and is being used widely, and the main reason is because things were done deliberately over and over to let me know about it – either via covert communications with me in real time or by mirroring something back through media. For example, something was said or something that happened in a doctor’s exam room when it was just me and the doctor – shows up on a TV show or movie (or several TV shows and movies) or in music videos. Alternative, there have been a lot of real-time coded communications coming from outside the exam rooms, restrooms, and dressing rooms in the form of timed or responsive bumps and thumps on walls and ceilings. (I can still remember several specific examples.) This is why calling me delusional is such an important defense mechanism for those covering this up.

Visible Targets at the Wrex 1982

Grunge and the C.I.A.

As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s been about ten years since I’ve read a book about anything “grunge” related, even though they continue to be published. This is largely because of the frustration in seeing how the focus is controlled, same stories rehashed, and important areas left unexplored.

Part of the mystery for me has been, why some things and people are left out of historical studies (which is basically what books about 1980s and 1990s music are).

Backing up a bit – during 2014, including the week I was abducted and held, and for months afterward, in my medical records, off and on, there is this statement made basically amounting to me alleging that the reason I said I was being stalked and harassed was because “I’d exposed them” with my article (Introducing Napalm Beach). What actually was going on was, occasionally I’d be asked why I thought I was being harassed, and by whom, and I told them that my best guess was it had something to do with the things I’d been writing. In fact I didn’t stop writing after Introducing Napalm Beach, but continued to try to tear down the facade of falsehoods brick by brick with the best information I had available to me at the time, something that is difficult to do when everyone around you is lying and misdirecting. It was in the course of doing that that I received threatening comments on my blog, immediately followed by one thwarted abduction attempt, and the following week, a successful abduction. The January 27, 2014 abduction was successful because unbeknownst to me, people around me, people I’d known my whole life, had all been absorbed into Team Sub Pop going back to the 1980s. So when I began to discover the extent of the crimes that Sub Pop has been involved in – again, with the full support of the larger entertainment industry and possibly the federal government – I sought shelter from one of my oldest and most trusted family friends, and when police arrived at the door, they let them in and allowed them to take custody of me without cause.

In fact, I now think that that whole affair was less about what I’d already published and more about them being concerned that I would discover more of what has been going on. I feel like there’s still a lot to uncover, or at least to support with evidence. What I can see is that there is an occult murder system at work. What’s less clear is how all the parts of it work together, especially with regards to the participation of the FBI/CIA.

The place were I was held in January 2014 was a hospital repurposed into a black site, and set up to be so absurd that for me to tell the story would seem to enforce the idea that I was out of my mind at the time.

So a question one has to ask is, primogeniture aside, was my rinky dink little blog worth all of that? Maybe so, and possibly because what I was really focused on was decoding language. But another thing that was going on, that I recently realized, is the whole revealing thing I was doing was in and of itself a type of set up. What was behind that may have had to do with setting up Chris’ murder (and make no mistake – I and my daughter are also both in the crosshairs). The murders are linked to a system of financial rewards and professional advancement.

Back to grunge.

Grunge seems to have been a manufactured phenomenon, with much of the ingredients coming from Chris’ highly surveilled life and art, but if I think about it – I’d say some of it came from me, too. With Chris, however, it’s easier to prove.

In that it was manufactured, what it looks like to me is that it was planned out in tandem with a control scheme around Chris and me, but again, focused more on Chris, as he is the one who was more of a threat musically, and also because of the nature of the primogeniture at work where the male heir is valued as someone with agency compared to the female, who they seem to see as a sex toy to be used, abused, and discarded. Apparently, by “they” in this case, I’m talking about the FBI and CIA. Both Chris and I (and many others) were/are subjects of medical malfeasance and nonconsensual human subjects research with little concern for our health or quality of life, or simply with the intent to harm us. I wish these things weren’t true, but they are.

Grunge was manufactured according to a recipe that had been perfected over the years with a variety of other organic seeming movements including, I suspect, Beatlemania and the 1960s “flower power” movement. It is linked to CIA mind control research. That the CIA ran (actually, runs) mind control programs is not a baseless conspiracy theory, but established fact, except that even after the programs were exposed in the 1970s, they were still permitted to hide and misdirect about a lot of what they had been doing, and they were also permitted to protect academic institutions and others knowingly involved in the activities, and they were permitted to hide the cash flow, and they were also permitted to continue. They never stopped these programs. Maybe most importantly, they were permitted to hide their use of piezo-electrical biomedical implants and frequency based technologies which are used to control minds directly, and to create diseases like cancer. They do this in part by controlling focus – “yes, we admit, we were involved with L.S.D.”

Back to grunge.

The early Sub Pop bands were connected with certain businesses and establishments. These included college radio stations KAOS at Evergreen State College in Olympia (Pavitt, if not directly, through his connection to Calvin Johnson and K Records), and KCMU (later became KEXP) at University of Washington in Seattle (Poneman). Apparently Pavitt also had opened Fallout Records in 1983, before making Sub Pop his full time gig. Muzak was also a congregation point. Within this network – college radio, cassette zines, K Records, record stores – there was plenty of opportunity to make contact with aspiring young rockers, and to create and distribute media (zines, cassettes, records) – all of which would mesh nicely in the package of a record label.

There is a piece missing here for me, with regards to Chris and me. I know and can show solid evidence that not only have we been under surveillance, but that surveillance materials have been, and continue to be, distributed. Signs also point to packaging and remixing of surveillance data for the purpose of supporting a libelous pre-planned narrative. And signs further point to Sub Pop artists including Tad and Mudhoney being linked to this, and not only to this, but to the January 2014 abduction. I can tell that there is also a link to hospital malfeasance. What I’m missing is specifically how Sub Pop is linked to the FBI, CIA, and all of this medical and financial malfeasance.

Back to grunge.

What I intended to write about was another important center of the grunge narrative, but one of the ones that tends to be buried, presumably because it is too close to Chris, and that is The Vogue.