Nature of the crime – a crime against nature

I just googled “how do you tell a story if you don’t have all the pieces” and all top hits said “show don’t tell.” I have to think about how.

What I’m stuck on at the moment are connections that appear to exist, are hard to pin down, and don’t make a lot of logical sense to me, but I think that the reason they don’t make sense to me is because of the nature of the cover up.

What I’m talking about specifically are the links between families who don’t appear to have anything to do with the music business, and the music business. But also this notion of “FBI files” and specifically “files” that 1. are not accessable via a Freedom of Information act request 2. are somehow widely known to exist 3. are used by the FBI/CIA as a justification for human rights violations and constitutional rights violations including false imprisonment, torture, and murder (they may call it “execution”) all without the due process and other protections that are supposed to be guaranteed by the US constitution.

This doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s one of those situations where you see some of it – and you basically know what you’re seeing – but you can’t believe your eyes. And the nature of it is so foreign to how you thought things work, you don’t know what to do with it.

But it gets worse. And for me, it gets even harder to believe, because I know that people we trusted our whole lives have been leveraging this system to murder friends and family members.

The evidence that I have for this is the bizarre responses I’ve gotten from so-called friends and family either when announcing something I thought would make them happy, but instead they say I’m crazy – or when I report something that should make them concerned for my welfare, Chris’ welfare, or my daughter’s welfare – or the welfare of others you would think they care about – and they either say I’m crazy or they get mad, or they ignore it completely – or when I show that there is an emergency, someone is being harmed and needs help – and they ignore me, or they say I’m crazy, or they acknowledge that a problem exists and then blame me for it.

This is not normal behavior.

At first I thought maybe everyone was responding this way out of fear, and so I didn’t pursue it, didn’t push it, didn’t want to put them on the spot. But I feel less and less that this is correct. I actually think the sitation lends itself to destroying normal levels of caution and self-protection through a number of psychological and other mind control techniques including direct frequency-based control of brains. People behave in ways that make them seem zombie-like – seemingly devoid of normal human emotion and behavior.

There is a conspiracy at work and it’s about human trafficking, theft, covert medical experiments, and profitable murders. It appears to be run by the FBI and CIA, and to that end FBI/CIA seem to be working closely with duplicitous and dangerous people around Chris, me, and my daughter. There is finance coming into this group from a number of different sources, and they seem to be accumulating and/or distributing cars and property (including homes and businesses). The financial interest seems to be in keeping the aforementioned criminal activity afloat, and to that end, there are many strategic murders going on. And the process for this seems to be that people around us are paid by a number of entities to tell lies or stories that cast us in a bad light, with the hopes that FBI/CIA will harm and murder us based on these stories.

FBI/CIA tie themselves up this way, because they are acting outside the law and what that means is it’s criminal behavior conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community. And they have to know the gravity of that. Crawling up the hierarchy – you end up at cabinet level positions. The Oval Office may head this situation, but it doesn’t seem to be specific to any given President.

I don’t think it’s possible this crime is running without full knowledge of the Executive. I just can’t understand how they – the US federal government and citizens of the US and the world – justify it in their minds.