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Vehicle-mounted infra red weapons systems

It looks like I have mentioned the hijacking of my car’s electrical system via infra red devices in January 2014, but it doesn’t look like I’ve given details about what it looked like or why I decided it was an infra red system.

There are a number of reasons why this is difficult for me to get into. The obvious one is I’m trying to describe my experience of being attacked with what appears to be, for all intents and purposes, a covert type of weapons system. A big point of confusion is how so many non-government people seem to know about these technologies, for example truckers and musicians. Is this technology classified and if so, do these guys have clearances? Or is it not actually classified but yet somehow still secret, protected by something more like omertá? Along with this, for years I’ve wondered who is behind it. Is it an organized crime group, like the Mafia? Or is it a secret government operation, like FBI and/or CIA? Or is it a combination of both?

Along with this comes a trap – as a preemptive strike, my medical history and medical records have been manipulated to make it seem like I’m mentally incapacitated. Therefore, if I tell a story that seems unusual, the idea is that everything is easily dismissed as the ravings of a female lunatic (a lunachick, if you will). That obviously has a chilling effect on my storytelling – and of course, that’s the intent: either stop me from talking, or make it so that my speaking the truth becomes a hazard to me.

Over time it became clear that I have to continue to try to tell the truth and support it with evidence, as I’m doing now.

Another problem is there are a lot of interconnected parts and involved entities, and I now know, a much bigger multi-part plan (a conspiracy, if you will) – so when I tell the story, where do I start and where to I stop? For example, one of the parts of this story involved a deliberate take down of our band, Boo Frog. I will save that out as a separate story, but I will say that signs point to Chris’ trusted band mates, Doug Naish (Boo Frog) and Nathan Jorg (Snow Bud and the Flower People) being linked into all of this as well – both the take down of Boo Frog and the Infra Red Truck attacks. This doesn’t mean that I believe they came up with the idea on their own. I think the idea to take down Boo Frog and chase me down as I was trying to contact an attorney filtered down to them through Sub Pop, and filtered down to Sub Pop through the entertainment industry worldwide. I saw signs of financing through investment banks like Vanguard Group which is the source of a lot of Disney money, for example.

So that’s the background. Here’s the basic facts, with the Boo Frog takedown story being saved for later.

Starting in the middle of a very long story, my plan was first to get out of Portland where I was experiencing mob stalking, computer hacking, and harassment, and sequester myself in a hotel room for a day where I would organize and back up my computer hard drive, then bring my computer and my story to an entertainment/music rights attorney in Sacramento (or possibly Los Angeles, I wasn’t yet certain) in order to evaluate what steps to take next. However, what happened is I continued to be openly stalked and menaced, and while I had stepped away (on foot) from my Anderson, California hotel room to get a meal, it was clear when I returned that the room had been entered and my items disrupted. There’s more to this story that I’ll leave for later, but I no longer felt safe in this hotel room. So I had the idea to go instead to another location, maybe another hotel, maybe the home of a family friend near Sacramento.

When I left the hotel room it was clear that my car had been entered, because it had been left unlocked (I never left it unlocked) and both the side mirrors and the rear view mirror had been cranked around to weird angles. The car, a 2003 Honda Civic, had a computer-chip type key. Again, there’s more story here I’m leaving out for now.

Of course it’s scary if you’re being menaced and then you find out your locked hotel room and your locked car have both been entered, because could they have also done something to the car? It turns out that yes they did.

I left this hotel on the afternoon of January 26, and I probably noticed fairly quickly that something was wrong with the car, because the acceleration was off. It didn’t accelerate as fast as normal, or I’d have to push down harder on the gas to make it go. I drove off, probably just as the sun was about to set, maybe around 5:30 pm. While I was on the highway I began to experience issues with the car’s electrical system. This included the dashboard lights, the heater, the stereo system, and on a particular bridge, the shocks. It soon became clear that these problems were linked to dozens of cars and trucks, including it seems all semi trucks that were on the road, which surrounded my car in a swarm-like formation. The cars were mostly or all new cars. The thing that stood out about these vehicles, other than them being new, was they had weird looking tail lights, or more specifically, they seemed to have some kind of laser like device that mimicked the appearance of a tail light positioned underneath the actual tail lights. This was true of both cars and trucks. I can’t remember when I concluded these were infra-red devices but it was probably later after I’d gotten home and done some research.

So I quickly figured out that if I were travelling behind one of these vehicles within a certain distance – maybe 50-60 feet – they could, and would affect my car’s system. I could avoid this by not driving behind one of these vehicles, or by finding a “normal” (non-infra-red equipped) vehicle to use as a block. However, there weren’t many of these normal vehicles on the road, or at least not in my vicinity. The infra red equipped vehicles were around me like a swarm.

Approximate shape, size, location of infrared devices on a truck.

Another thing going on at the same time is certain parts of the electrical grid were shut down around the freeway – by this I mean all the streetlights were off, the lights on the billboards were off, and the rest areas and truck stops were dark.

I was aware that under the circumstances, these vehicles had the ability to shut off my headlights on a dark stretch of highway, though fortunately that didn’t happen at that time. But clearly, driving wasn’t safe.

That’s the basics of what was going on. I didn’t know at the time who was behind this, or what the intent was.

Infrared Blinding / Stitch It Up – Mark Lanegan

In April 2019, Mark Lanegan published a song called “stitch it up.” In July 2019, while cleaning his nails Chris dropped his pocket knife onto his bare foot. The blade hit an artery point down, creating a blood fountain, and Chris nearly needed stitches. I knew at the time that this was a mind control incident. To my recollection there were a number of signs.

“Stitch It Up” the first verse:

The hounds are behind me
Footsteps following
You know you can’t find me
I’m miles from the crime scene

the last verse:

The Beast walks next to me
Infrared blinding
Ropes can’t bind me
Knife’s still inside me

This is important because it seems to link between infra red and medical malfeasance, and most interestingly – the music business. The incident with the knife was done with direct control of Chris’ brain and behavior via biomedical implants and frequency based technology. That something of this nature was being planned and was known to be planned by people in the community, and by musicians like Lanegan, is significant. When Chris dropped the knife, it pierced an artery. “The beast walks next to me” would seem to be a reference to a single by Jeffrey Lee Pierce – “Walking With The Beast” – which Chris had displayed near his book shelf. This also supports my statement of surveillance from inside our home being distributed into the world at large, especially the entertainment industry, because Lanegan was never in our home, and very few people were in the tiny studio apartment where we lived since 2014. Jeffery Lee Pierce (Gun Club) died of an aneurism in 1996, as did another contemporary Los Angeles musician, Paula Pierce (Pandoras) in 1991. Kurt Cobain wrote a song called “Aneurism” in 1991. Another likely link to all of this is Pierce County, Washington (Tacoma) just south of King County (Seattle).

One other thing I’ll mention though it’s slightly off topic is that the Nirvana song Aneurism was recorded at Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California. My daughter had a cousin named Delmar who died, allegedly, of a heroin overdose 9/21/2002 at age 25, but based on patterns, I know he was murdered – possibly via aneurism. I now understand that lots of people know ahead of time not only who is on a list to be killed, but how they may be harmed or killed. I also now know there is a link between Sub Pop linked Seattle bands and my daughter’s paternal cousins, like Delmar, and his brother Redsky who died in 2006 at age 26, and their sister Stormy who died in a car crash in 2016 at age 33, and their Uncle Timmy who was “randomly” stabbed to death in a bar parking lot in 2017.


I have a question about Tad Doyle and/or Sub Pop.

By now it’s clear to me beyond a reasonable doubt that Tad Doyle is, and has been, involved in all kinds of extremely nasty malfeasance going back probably to the 1980s. Is this partly why he left Idaho and moved to Seattle?

But more than that – the type of malfeasance to which Tad Doyle seems to be connected includes a LOT of what appears to be covert technologies – are these technologies CLASSIFIED or just covert? I have a lot of questions.

I’ve seen suggestions of Tad Doyle being involved include the 2014 sabotage of my car’s electrical system which involved infrared control mechanisms on other cars and trucks. This put me and later my father in a very dangerous situation, and led to my father crashing the car.

Now, I don’t think it was just Tad – I think it was Mudhoney too: Mark, Steve, and the rest. Was the label Sub Pop directly involved? What about Claudia Lemon?

This was all because I had detected something rotton with regards to Sub Pop and the sabotage of Chris’ music career, and I was trying to speak with a music rights attorney.

People from the TAD orbit have come into our lives on and off over the years. Barbara Beymer is someone who knew and pursued Chris. Kurt Danielson played on a bill with us, offered Chris crack. Post-Tad orbiters also included people connected to Screaming Trees/Valis.

There seems to be a link to medical malfeasance. Chris’ chronic medical conditions from obesity to asthma to addiction were actually manipulated through the piezo-electrical biomedical networks. Tad among others seems to have been aware of this (thus the double entendre of the album name “Inhaler” – asthma and cocaine)

How is it that musicians and/or a record label from Seattle are linked to and USING COVERT (CLASSIFIED????) WEAPONS TECHNOLOGIES ON OTHER MUSICIANS?

I seriously think I’m due an explanation that isn’t full of lies and counter-accusatory defamation.

Infrared Riding Hood Tad

Tad Doyle tweet from 7:55pm December 5, 2013. “Everyone can be bought and has their own price threshold. Mine just happens to be pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms.” Note the comment below “are you Tad Doyle as in Infra Red Ridinghood Tad?”
Excerpt from a longer video describing a coordinated take down of me which involved use of infrared devices mounted on the backs of cars and trucks.

“Pizza” seems to be slang for piezo-electrical biomedical implants. “Mushrooms” seems to have to do with finance used to manipulate situations, maybe specifically such that one group can profit off harming another (in Alice In Wonderland, one side of the mushroom makes you grow larger, and the other side makes you grow smaller). Infrared Ridinghood is a Tad album but I do suspect the comment and likely the album title itself is a link to these infrared weapons systems. Tad’s first album was called Inhaler, a likely link to Chris’ asthma and/or 1980s cocaine addiction, both which I am fairly certain were biomedical manipulations.

Because of the way these comments appear about a month before this takedown operation occurred, I think that Tad Doyle was among those linked to the abduction event.