I have a question about Tad Doyle and/or Sub Pop.

By now it’s clear to me beyond a reasonable doubt that Tad Doyle is, and has been, involved in all kinds of extremely nasty malfeasance going back probably to the 1980s. Is this partly why he left Idaho and moved to Seattle?

But more than that – the type of malfeasance to which Tad Doyle seems to be connected includes a LOT of what appears to be covert technologies – are these technologies CLASSIFIED or just covert? I have a lot of questions.

I’ve seen suggestions of Tad Doyle being involved include the 2014 sabotage of my car’s electrical system which involved infrared control mechanisms on other cars and trucks. This put me and later my father in a very dangerous situation, and led to my father crashing the car.

Now, I don’t think it was just Tad – I think it was Mudhoney too: Mark, Steve, and the rest. Was the label Sub Pop directly involved? What about Claudia Lemon?

This was all because I had detected something rotton with regards to Sub Pop and the sabotage of Chris’ music career, and I was trying to speak with a music rights attorney.

People from the TAD orbit have come into our lives on and off over the years. Barbara Beymer is someone who knew and pursued Chris. Kurt Danielson played on a bill with us, offered Chris crack. Post-Tad orbiters also included people connected to Screaming Trees/Valis.

There seems to be a link to medical malfeasance. Chris’ chronic medical conditions from obesity to asthma to addiction were actually manipulated through the piezo-electrical biomedical networks. Tad among others seems to have been aware of this (thus the double entendre of the album name “Inhaler” – asthma and cocaine)

How is it that musicians and/or a record label from Seattle are linked to and USING COVERT (CLASSIFIED????) WEAPONS TECHNOLOGIES ON OTHER MUSICIANS?

I seriously think I’m due an explanation that isn’t full of lies and counter-accusatory defamation.