Infrared Riding Hood Tad

Tad Doyle tweet from 7:55pm December 5, 2013. “Everyone can be bought and has their own price threshold. Mine just happens to be pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms.” Note the comment below “are you Tad Doyle as in Infra Red Ridinghood Tad?”
Excerpt from a longer video describing a coordinated take down of me which involved use of infrared devices mounted on the backs of cars and trucks.

“Pizza” seems to be slang for piezo-electrical biomedical implants. “Mushrooms” seems to have to do with finance used to manipulate situations, maybe specifically such that one group can profit off harming another (in Alice In Wonderland, one side of the mushroom makes you grow larger, and the other side makes you grow smaller). Infrared Ridinghood is a Tad album but I do suspect the comment and likely the album title itself is a link to these infrared weapons systems. Tad’s first album was called Inhaler, a likely link to Chris’ asthma and/or 1980s cocaine addiction, both which I am fairly certain were biomedical manipulations.

Because of the way these comments appear about a month before this takedown operation occurred, I think that Tad Doyle was among those linked to the abduction event.