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A threat to democracy worldwide

There are many nonconsensually placed piezo-electrical biomedical implants in my body. This is true of many people, though I think I have more than most. I believe that they are linked to the US Department of Justice / FBI and to the CIA and/or military sources, and that is the primary reason the situation is not being addressed properly. Furthermore, I believe this, along with financial string pulling and mind control activities (social engineering) is why I have such difficulty obtaining legal counsel, even when I have an excellent case with the potential for millions if not billions in damages because of the pain, suffering, damage to reputation, profiteering, intellectual property theft.

It is not even a slight exaggeration to call this a threat to democracy, not just in the US and worldwide. It also is creating the danger of environmental catastrophe, even a planet shifting catastrophe or series catastrophes, because of the power and reach of these weapons systems, and because biological warfare, including use of pandemics, is also part of this.

It was no accident that the 9/11 attacks were followed by anthrax attacks. It’s all part of the same deadly machine, and the longer it goes unchecked, the worse it gets.

The kangaroo court set up around this is exactly that. I keep feeling pushed to participate in this “court” process even though it’s pretty obviously a ticket to nowhere. Meanwhile, the criminal courts are on the wrong side of the law, and civil courts have statute of limitation issues that are really hard to deal with when you are having a difficult time figuring out what is going on and how to prove it, and attorneys won’t speak with you, or they deliberately mislead you, and also you are suffering from constant physical retaliations through these biomedical implants. This is a crime and it belongs in a criminal court, and I think it belongs in an open court, not hidden. Witnesses need to speak PUBLICALLY and be questioned PUBLICALLY under oath and under (real, not pretend) penalty of pergury, and when that happens I guarantee the entire mess will collapse in minutes.

There are ways that the implant networks are used to transmit information directly to a person, like radio telepathy. I experience this every day. But that also can be misleading, because the information one receives can only be as good as the sender makes it, and there has been a lot of mind control interwoven into this. They want me to play a game I can’t win.

Meanwhile, I’ve been struggling to figure out a system that everyone around me seems to treat as second nature – except it’s clear that people get fooled all the time. We are FAR from the only ones who have been befriended by people with evil intent. In a lot of cases it seems to be about using and then eliminating as many people around you who you might see as a potential threat to you and your goals. This is why, and how, so many people in the Northwest, especially in the music scenes, die young, especially of cancer. I’ve known this for some time, but what has been very frustrating to me is exactly how it works. Because if I can’t prove or show logically at least how it works, then it just feeds into this pre-planned cover up narrative that I’m a crazy person.

For a long time the idea was pushed hard to me that it went like this – I was given a name of a person I knew, and a name of someone in the community who had recently died, and told that person A killed person B – but if person B died of a heart attack, how does that work exactly? I know that the heart attacks are created by biomedical implants – but does that mean the person A had direct access to the technology used to kill person B? For a long time I had no other information to work from and I thought that was what was going on. Then, after Chris got sick, the message came to me very strong that it was the FBI that did this to him. But if so, how, and why?

street art sticker Starbucks logo modified to read "guns and coffee"
sticker seen in Portland 2017

After that, it became about FBI files and finance run through certain channels (aka “grubers”) connecting entities that you might not otherwise expect to be connected, such as Starbucks and the FBI. Then it started to be pushed that the finance is paying for “FBI files” – set ups and false/salacious/manufactured stories purchased from people who may or may not know us, by global financial sources, and then passed on to the FBI/CIA who would the use these stories as covert justification for black bag ops murder through this piezoelectrical CGI. Hospitals and other institutions are involved in this and collecting lots of money for treating the diseases they help cause, and also they’re negotiating other deals on top of it such as massive donations, new cancer centers, etc.

The FBI and CIA are not comprised of idiots. They know what is in the US constitution and how a justice system is supposed to work, which is one reason why they are so vehemently covering this up, and voicing subtle threats to anyone who threatens to expose this criminal activity – like FBI Director Christopher Wray has done when he describes taking agents to visit the 9/11 memorial and feel it in their “heart” and “gut.” I’m going from memory as this clip is now behind a paywall https://www.cbsnews.com/video/fbi-director-christopher-wray-on-why-agents-in-training-visit-911-memorial/

So imagine me trying to bring cases to civil court with no law degree, no lawyer, no privacy which is necessary for attorney client privilege or to even reasonably put together a case, evidence that requires some careful consideration and pattern recognition, with all of these trusted institutions and professionals having built a – probably decades-long – fake paper trail, and all of them lying through their teeth.

Is this what democracy looks like?

Now the idea is pushed to me that it’s the FBI creating these files, and the people in the community are feeding this stuff to the FBI with the obvious goal of getting away with a big, lucrative, and very damaging crime. The police and FBI are I believe trying to pretend they are acting as objective “referee” types in a legitimate covert “game” but none of this is even close to reality.

Do you know how many people are sitting in US state and federal prisons loaded to the gills with piezeo-electrical biomedical CGI which was used to manipulate them remotely specifically so they would commit a terrible crime or crimes?

I’m guessing you don’t. Neither do I.

Do you know how many people have died of horrible but lucrative diseases because they had been laced up with biomedical CGI? Do you know how many girls and women have been raped and murdered, how many mass shootings have occurred, how many global security incidents, how many wars have been instigated by this technology?

Neither do I.

When this is exposed, and it will be exposed, the Justice Department will have a tremendous reckoning. There is no way they don’t know this, and it appears that their response is to bury their heads in the sand and keep kicking the can down the road, because this is what has worked already for generations.

But when it is publicly exposed, when it is written about in major media outlets, or through some other channel that may not even exist yet, at best, we’ll be forced to rethink the entire prison system. If every inmate is tested for biomedical CGI and many, most, or all of them are found to have implants that can be used to control behaviors – what then?

I really want to know the answer.

I think that how hard the government works to bury this versus whether they try to remedy the problem speaks to how much of a chance our democracy has the chance to survive the next decade or three.

The Vogue – 1980s Seattle

The Belltown dance-club scene got kick-started in 1977 with the founding of a gay bar called Tugs Belltown at 2207 1st Avenue. It featured a big dance floor, lots of fresh punk and New Wave music, and the occasional live band. Down the street another gay venue, Johnny’s Handlebar, followed Tugs’ lead in 1979 when it reemerged as Wrex, a video dance club that spun alternative and punk records. In 1980 Wrex booked the first of what would be countless live bands — Delta 5, Joan Jett, X, Grace Jones, Hüsker Dü, and Romeo Void all played here. In 1982 Wrex was shuttered and The Vogue opened in its place. Many of the best local bands performed at The Vogue, including Mudhoney and Alice in Chains, and it was the venue for Nirvana’s first well-attended Seattle show, on April 24, 1988.


Visible Targets at Wrex advertisement
Visible Targets at Wrex 1981

I have not been able to figure out what a “video dance club” is. There are a few clubs that have media systems nowadays – for example, Dante’s in Portland gets crowded and has a television system so you can see the band from different corners of the club. And then there’s The Voyeur in Olympia, which apparently makes videos (or at least potentially makes videos, or it did make videos) of any/every band that plays there. Not sure what happens to those videos, because I’ve never seen them appear anywhere online. Evergreen State College in general is media-oriented (as is Portland Community College) and this is a whole bag of worms – because I am by now basically certain that both of these colleges are links between the CIA and the larger entertainment industry, and to this end, a ton of funding is coming in to these places from various sources to literally do surveillance based sex trafficking and brutal mind control forced-cult activities like the ones that led me to file a Title IX complaint in 2017. A complaint that I believe was shut down by Seattle-linked financial sources.

But I digress.

I don’t know what a video dance club. The photo I have of Snow Bud playing at Vogue shows a television set behind them and – is it a screen? with a white pyramid shape above it.

Snow Bud at the Vogue

In Portland the Met (located where Dante’s is now) until 1982, and in Seattle the Wrex until 82 and then the Vogue all seem to have been gay clubs that also attracted the “new wave” or “new music” crowd. The characters from the Vogue who reappeared in Chris’ life in some way after he met me include Claudia Gherkin, the booking agent, and secondarily Dennis White who had been a bartender at both Wrex and Vogue. Chris mentioned to me that White used to tend bar dressed like a woman, whereas Claudia sometimes uses a male name (Claude), at least online.

The Vogue seems to have been an important stepping stone for the bands that would be signed to Sub Pop. Going from the premise that grunge was a manufactured phenomenon largely based on imitating and then burying Chris Newman, and the whole process set up years ahead, it’s worth asking why the name Vogue (or even the name Wrex) was chosen. Wrex has a number of connotations, but one of the things it is are call letters of a TV station in Illinois – WREX channel 13, established 1953 (which was also the year Chris was born). UHF frequencies are used in mind control and to cause cancer via piezo electrical biomedical implants.

I stared into a belly through the eyes of a beast
Made a toast to life and commence the feast
We chewed up mints and creams till our mouths were oozing full
Devoured mounds of meat, sucking marrow from the bone
Washed it down with wine, vintage 1953
Leaned back in our chairs, sucked our gums and picked our teeth

Mudhoney – Final Course 2013
John Sex at Vogue - Seattle Rocket cover
From NYC – John Sex at Vogue (get it?) – Seattle Rocket 1987

A reason why I wonder about the name Vogue is because it’s the name of a premier – maybe the premier – fashion magazine, and grunge was not just music, it became fashion as well. David Bowie, Fashion is a 1980 song that seems in some ways to link the concept of fashion with fascism (goon squad, robotic dancing, etc) and may be related. The “Derelict” fashion show section of the 2000 movie Zoolander is an obvious satire of the concept of grunge fashion. The movie also brings out references to mind control black sites (“You have been in a day spa for a week”) and Manchurian candidate style assassinations. Just because a movie is fiction doesn’t make all parts of it untrue. There was literally a grunge-era Seattle band called The Derelicts, and yes they played at the Vogue and seem to have been close to Mudhoney.

The obvious reference to Vogue Seattle, once you begin to understand what it was, is Madonna’s Vogue (1990) “strike a pose.” In that song she names off a list of classic Hollywood movie stars.

Bowie also lists stars in his 2013 song about entertainment industry linked surveillance The Stars Are Out Tonight (with various meanings for “star” as star-like drones are part of this surveillance and attack network).

One of the things I figured out in 2015 when I was experiencing so much sexual and other harassment at Portland Community College was that there are cameras in bathrooms and dressing rooms all over Portland, and I now know, in Seattle clubs as well. Also, there are hidden cameras broadcasting from doctors exam rooms. The main location of these video surveillance devices seems to be fire sprinklers, so obviously, fire departments are part of the cover up. Also, it’s against the law to cover up a fire sprinkler. All of this footage – photos or video – collected from this hidden camera system seems to be distributed or trafficked to wealthy people (including celebrities and all in that orbit) worldwide. My understanding is this global surveillance, trafficking, and attack system is run by the CIA and FBI.

There are a few reasons why I know for sure that this hidden camera network exists and is being used widely, and the main reason is because things were done deliberately over and over to let me know about it – either via covert communications with me in real time or by mirroring something back through media. For example, something was said or something that happened in a doctor’s exam room when it was just me and the doctor – shows up on a TV show or movie (or several TV shows and movies) or in music videos. Alternative, there have been a lot of real-time coded communications coming from outside the exam rooms, restrooms, and dressing rooms in the form of timed or responsive bumps and thumps on walls and ceilings. (I can still remember several specific examples.) This is why calling me delusional is such an important defense mechanism for those covering this up.

Visible Targets at the Wrex 1982

Chris was murdered

Chris went into the hospital on January 5, 2021 and he died on May 9, 2021. This was all well over a year ago now. I had known for years that our lives were in danger, and expressed it publicly several times both on my YouTube channel and my Twitter account. I also knew that there had been a pattern of untimely deaths in the music communities in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco – all communities where Chris had lived and performed – and had tried to draw attention to that. May 22, 2019 I told the FBI that our lives were in danger. They said “probably wouldn’t” investigate. Two weeks later, Chris was hospitalized with heart failure.

But Chris didn’t die from heart failure. And even though he had terminal cancer, he didn’t die from that either. In fact his heart and/or breathing was remotely stopped, and that is how he died. But the heart failure and the cancer were both medical conditions that were deliberately created and, I believe, deliberately neglected by Providence Hospital, at the behest of the FBI, until it was too late to do anything.

I’d known the basics of this from the moment of Chris’ diagnosis, because of what I’d been observing for years, and because of the information that had been passed to me. But I was working with more than just hunches, suspicions, and (wirelessly transmitted) information pulled out of the air. There was other evidence as well.

When Chris died at 11:33pm on May 9, 2021, I knew it was a murder, but I didn’t call the police to report it as a murder, at least not that night. The following July 15-16, however, I did try to report his death as a murder. The police, however, refused to take a report.

Why I didn’t initially report the death as a murder, and why I changed my mind two months later requires some explaining. It’s clear to me now that all of these details – how I knew that Chris was murdered, and why I didn’t report it at first, need to be put in writing, because the longer this goes on, the more likely it is that details will be forgotten and otherwise lost.

Also, I am in all the same danger that Chris was in, that we both have been in for years. Since 2014 I had been trying every way I knew to get us out of this situation, to get us out of danger and it seems that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t make any progress. I’m still trying, but I also realize that no matter what, I also have to try to document everything.

It wasn’t until Chris was sick that I was made to understand that the CIA has been involved in this all along. I’d already figured the FBI was involved, simply because I’d tried to report different aspects of the crime to them so many times, telling them I had evidence, and they kept ignoring me. In 2019 when I was experiencing a lot of wireless attacks to my heart, and trying to get the FBI to investigate the wireless signals I’d detected coming from my heart, I recall an agent saying “goodbye, Erika” with a decisive tone, as if she expected me to die. others were doing the same thing, around time, and I couldn’t understand why.

It was only after Chris died that it started to come out to me that the FBI had been maintaining some kind of secret reporting system (“FBI files”); that people who we may or may not have known over the years had been filing “reports”; and that – to the best of my understanding – Chris was tortured to death because of what was in those reports, and the attacks I’m experiencing are also because of what is in those reports. That the attacks themselves are being carried out by the CIA with a variety of wireless weaponry. That hospitals, including Providence Hospital system and PettyGrove Medical center, are involved in this. That TV broadcast towers (KVIQ, KGW) are involved in this. That drones are involved in this. That weapons have also been placed in spaces adjacent to our apartment, either wirelessly operated, or operated by neighbors.

Behind all of this is a web of global finance, a longstanding pattern of corrupt behaviors, backroom deals, coercion, threats, blackmail. It’s so big that the patterns around it are obvious. It only exists because of the participation and cover up within all branches of the US government, and because so far, civic leaders, medical professionals, citizens, and journalists/publications are willing to cover it up, either out of fear, or for pay/favors, or all of the above. Nonetheless, there’s always a chance that one or more individuals will see the big picture, and the writing on the wall as to where this accelerating murder and malfeasance rampage will go if it isn’t stopped as quickly and decisively as possible, and find a way to come forward before things get too much worse.