LSD at Bluff Creek 1991

This is my documentation of the cliff or ledge incident that took place on June 8, 1991, near Bluff Creek. I have stuff about this in my journals, which are useful for dates and other details. I’ve read through the journals recently and I may go back and edit or create a new entry if I go back and find more information, but I remember this well enough by now I’m just going to tell the story as I recall it.

I was going out with a guy named Ben. I was 23, and he was 30. Ben was a honey trap. We both worked at the Humboldt Brewery at 10th and I Street in Arcata. I guess Ben had gotten some LSD in liquid form from another cook there, probably a guy named Don. He put it (whatever the dosage was) on sugar cubes. I was at a place in my life where I was into spiritual experiences and from that angle, I was still interested in psychedelics. I didn’t go out in search of these drugs, but when they were presented to me, I would often take them.

Legal and purity issues aside, I do think it’s at least theoretically possible to responsibly use or experiment with psychedelic drugs such as LSD, but that would be in a safe place and it would involve having someone around who isn’t using the drug, and obviously, directed energy and mind control frequency weapons wouldn’t be involved. This is not how I took LSD the half dozen times I took it between the ages of 18 and 23.

It seems to have been no accident that LSD was around me growing up. Even though I didn’t try it until I was 18, which was older than most of my friends who had tried it in high school, I had been reading about it since I was 12 years old. The first time I can remember reading about LSD was in my standard curriculum sixth grade science book at Freshwater School, and honestly, they made it sound really interesting. Then I thought it must be really terrible, and then I started reading books I found from the 1950s and 1960s, when LSD was still legal, describing experiments done with LSD, and I became interested in it again.

It seems like there is a lot of mis- and disinformation about LSD. I don’t know if flashbacks are real; I’ve never had one. There have been allegations that LSD can make a person permanently insane. I’ve never seen convincing evidence. There are allegations that LSD can cause brain injury. Again, I’ve never seen evidence. I do know that directed energy weapons can create a number of dramatic effects to the brain, and that the same people who have been involved in LSD have generally been affected by frequency based weaponry as well, being as both LSD and frequency based weapons are linked to the CIA. And of course any drug can be impure, and also, I don’t know how well LSD has been tested for safety, but it seems to have been used by a lot of people. The real problem with LSD, I think, is perception control, impulse control, decision making. That’s why you’re supposed to have a non-using guide.

Ben and I both enjoyed camping, so we planned to go camping and take the LSD at that time. A few days before we left, we went to breakfast at a restaurant called Crosswinds near where we worked. I noticed a painting on the wall I’d never seen before. It showed a river channel with water coming in from four directions, swirling together in a ring or vortex in the middle.

At the time there were two adjacent campgrounds run by the National Forest Service, Aikens Creek and Bluff Creek. We camped on the night of Friday June 7 at one of those campgrounds (Bluff Creek I think), and in the morning of June 8th we took this LSD and walked down to the beach together.

My memory is that this was one of the first really warm weekends of the year, and the river was full of water from mountain snow melt. By the time we started down the trail to the riverbank, I felt the effects of strong LSD coming on. We started to walk along the river. At some point along the river I noticed that the water appeared to be swirling in from four directions, forming a vortex in the middle, just like I’d seen on the painting earlier, and it also had weird auditory effects. Other than this thought of putting one foot in front of the other – walking, climbing, and following along a path – I don’t remember anything between staring at the water vortex and when I “came to” atop a steep and narrow ledge high above a rocky riverbank.. I looked down and suddenly realized that if I slipped off this narrow ledge I’d be seriously injured or killed. The only other person around was Ben, down on the riverbank, high on LSD, and we were miles from any hospital. It was a bad situation. I had to back down the direction from which I’d come to a place of safety. The soil was loose leaf-covered shale and it was a don’t look down or you’ll freeze kind of situation.

Without looking down past the ledge, I carefully made it back to safety. After this I decided I was done using LSD. I never used it after that, although people continued to present it.

For a number of reasons, I understand now that this was a set up situation, that I’d been deliberately put into a trance and had been under the influence of frequency-based mind control technologies. It also seems that, as with the 1974 pony incident, people may have been placing bets on my chances of survival, and it may have been monetized in other ways as well.

Among those who had a financial stake in this set up seems to have been music industry linked people in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles. Also there seems to have been a Whitey Bulger connection via FBI informant networks.

I do believe that Ben was directly and consciously involved, but not the mastermind of the incident. Though he had grown up in Las Vegas, I met him in Minneapolis, and it’s increasingly clear that anyone linked to Minneapolis could be linked to Courtney Love and Seattle.

Crosswinds restaurant 2018
Arcata, California
Google Maps street view

I think that day, June 8, 1991, may have been the first time I’d been to that particular part of the Klamath River. I’ve been back several times since, and never again did I see that strange vortex in the water. I don’t think it was my imagination – I think the water was really swirling in a circle, and that it had to do with the amount of water that was in the river at that time, which was higher than normal, due to recent snow melt.

So why had I seen a painting at Crosswinds before showing a vortex in the water, very similar to what I’d seen at that remote location upriver? I’ll first mention where my head was at back then – things like this happened to me fairly frequently. Dreaming of a person I’d never met, then meeting that same person for the first time the following day, for example. I had no framework for explaining this, other than what had been provided for me growing up as an avid reader in 1970s Northern California – my dad being a scientist and also being surrounded by the remnants of flower power culture – I figured it was just one of those strange unexplainable phenomena – something in the air? I believed in “spirits” back then in a way I don’t today. Things like that were my most accessible explanation. Also, at the time I didn’t think about this incident much. I was just glad I’d made it out alive and I figured that I’d solve my problem by not taking LSD anymore.

Now I think it is a key that should in fact be parsed.

Because of the way all of this works, there’s always the possibility that things like this happen because some outside hand is controlling everything and the painter had no idea, and the restaurant had no idea. That’s possible, but I will not allow that the entire thing was a coincidence.

I do think that the water flow in the river was being “managed” to create a phenomena that they knew they could create with the right amount of water. Putting more water in the river can be achieved in there different ways that I know of: rain, snow melt, and releases from dams upriver. I don’t recall the rain patterns at that time, but early in the year, paradoxically, sudden warming can increase water flow, because of mountain snow melt, and there had been a sudden warming. Dam releases are obviously controlled by the federal government, I think via Fish and Wildlife (back then called Fish and Game), part of the Department of the Interior. The land we were on was, to my understanding, National Park Service land, also controlled by the federal government. Now that I understand, first that frequency based weapons exist at all, and second, the basics about how they work, and the kinds of effects they can be used to create, I know that they can in fact be used to modify weather, including temperature and rainfall. I could go into a long explanation of how I know this, but I know it.

There are more things around this incident to tell me that the whole thing was very much set up, very much controlled, and very much involved active participation by US government entities. I’ve documented them, but since they’re subjective information, I’ll leave that for now.

As to why the water would be modified in this way, to create this swirling vortex,I think there are a number of reasons. One is that there is an occult angle to all of this, and shapes, colors, natural features all seem to have meaning. There is a fascination with, for example, cone shaped mountains like the ones that were around me – and are mimicked by Crosswinds’ Victorian turrets. Spirals, holes, canyons, cliffs, and vortexes are also meaningful. But there’s also something else going on which is mesmerism. It seems like the power of hypnosis and trance states has been known and exploited in different ways for a very long time, and that one way to involuntarily hypnotize someone is to have them stare at moving water, or moving leaves, or to listen to a repetitive sound, like the sound of the water whooshing around a river canyon vortex. And indeed, my memory blanked out between the time I watched the river vortex and the time I came to on the cliff.

A question I have is, what if I’d fallen and died in the fall? Would it be said that I’d tried to commit suicide? Would it be said that I thought I could fly? I suspect something like that.

Crosswinds Restaurant 1991
Photographer: John Margolies
source: Library of Congress

Even though I can’t yet answer this question, I think it’s also worth asking who or what was behind the painting in the restaurant. Crosswinds was sort of a typical California “hippie restaurant” (the breakfasts were really good by the way – I can picture them now – piles of veggies and potatoes topped with eggs and local cheddar) – but thinking back, it was the site of a couple weird memories, one linked to Bret Bowman, my friend who had been hit by a car while on LSD and spent around 15 years in a coma, and one linked to Mike Patton climbing the latter of success in the music business (every one of these stories seems to link to multiple others).

Pattern-wise, there is missing piece for me with these attacks which is, if it is true that these attacks I experience are linked to negative reporting to the FBI (which I now think is done via telephone? – but that still leaves a lot of questions – who do they call? What kinds of things does the FBI want to hear? Do they want stories that are true or do they just want stories?) – then how is that people seem to know the form that the retaliations are going to take? How do they seem to know, for example, that my cat is going to be tortured with microwave weapons? How did they know in 2013 I’d be chased down on the highway with infrared equipped vehicles, kidnapped by sheriffs, and put on a medical hold for being “dangerous”?

This may actually be a very important question, because if this all black bag ops instigated because of reports given to federal agencies, they presumably wouldn’t be sending out a newsletter describing their attack plans – or a menu asking people to choose what attack they want to happen next. Yet either one or both of these things seems to be happening. Either everyone in the communities where we live has been deputized and put into a “circle of trust” by the FBI and/or CIA, or there’s another group or groups operating as a middleman, involved in or informed of attack plans, or both.

Was Crosswinds Restaurant a link between Whitey Bulger finance FBI files? What I mean is, did Bulger, who likely was linked to the CIA, run a paid chain of command of informants managing flow of information to and from the FBI? And was Crosswinds Restaurant a channel for some of this financing? In which case, they and people connected with them may well have known what kinds of thing the FBI was planning. It appears that Bulger had groups of people channeling information to the FBI (in this case, reporting whatever FBI/CIA/entertainment industry wanted to hear about me, whether truth or lie), but also paid the FBI for which information and other services on behalf of him and his clients – clients which may have included various gangsters and forces within the entertainment industry.