Coded language – stairs / stares

A realistic view of the situation around Chris Newman and the celebrity system isn’t found in any of the pre-packaged rock ‘n roll myths but more likely in plain-sight coded language. Ambition and mobility are less a matter of gumption, talent, creativity, and hard work (though this is helpful) and more about working a covert system of gears and ratchets. This is described in coded language. I’m guessing that most people are familiar with this language, but it’s hard to know, because neither Chris, nor I, nor my daughter were ever let in on this. I’ve had to try to decipher it on my own.

Maybe the most important symbol of mobility is the stairs. Often you see this visually coded in an indigenous looking design.

The stairs (sometimes further coded into the homophone “stare”) represent advancement – especially professional advancement – though what I saw with Chris was also the use of going downstairs to represent medically ending his life. Chris was linked to the Yurok woman, Burtha Thompson pictured above, including in the ways their lives were ended. These financed medical murders have been going on a very long time, and I am of the opinion that many – especially Black and Indigenous people – continue to be murdered this way. This too is covered up with myths and misdirection.

I don’t know how much of this is focused around Chris and my family lines specifically, and how much is more generally focused, but people seem to be taught that the route to professional advancement is to take part in occult linked crimes. There are a number of reasons for this – one obvious one is opportunism. Wealthy and powerful people are permitted through this system to “get rid” of people they consider to be a threat or a nuisance. The other pretty obvious reason for this is capture and control. If you take part in a crime on behalf of the system, you show your fidelity to the system, and probably more importantly, you are now a compromised person and can be more easily controlled by the string pullers. The bigger the crime, the more compromised and under control a person is, and thus the more juice they earn. This system has allowed the controllers to infiltrate every seat of power on the planet. This – along with bribery, threats, coercion – are why the crimes associated with this group and this system are somehow all at once very large, very obvious, and very effectively covered up. It is both a show of power and a gathering of power. There are other effects these extreme crimes have as well, including creating dissociative personalities. A person may seem to function normally, but with huge chunks of reality missing from their personal narrative. This is no doubt partly the role of the pre-scripted celebrity myths. They fill in some of the blanks, explain things – but falsely.

It appears that there is a “secret” telephone-based system for reporting to the FBI which people use to earn money, gifts and professional advancement, and that this system is and has been the basis for these covert assassinations. This, plainly put, is how people get to make records. They snitch on (and often lie about) their friends, neighbors, and even, sadly, on their own family members. And this isn’t done randomly – as I’ve said before, there are entities who have very effectively weaponized this system, creating prefabricated scripts which are then assigned to people within the community. Thus, it may look like multiple witnesses are reporting the same event, when in fact what is actually going on is multiple people were handed a script. The whole thing is concocted, to create and maintain and reenforce a false profile. This goes on over and over from different angles until the FBI and/or CIA assassinates the person. All of this is apparently highly lucrative.

I will say right now even as I write this I find the whole thing incredibly difficult to believe – not that people would game such a system, but that the system exists at all. It’s a violation of numerous constitutional rights and other laws, for one thing. It’s clear how such a system would be gamed. It’s clear that such a system would be used for control and coercion, not for justice or safety. It’s clear that certain people would be unfairly targeted by such a system – those with unusual ideas, those who refuse to comply with demands of power, and those who are already in weakened social positions.

Chris and I seem to be centered in this, which is why so many of these massive crimes “reference” us or people around us in some way, from the 9/11 attacks to the murder of John Lennon to the forced suicide of Kurt Cobain.

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