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James Burdyshaw is full of **it

The more I think of it, the more I realize that it’s freaking insane that James Burdyshaw would be treated like some kind of guru on a Facebook group called Pacific Northwest Music Archives, while I’d be blocked. Because it’s looking increasingly like Burdyshaw is a total liar, and that my being booted is based entirely on me having an angle that is both unique and truthful.

I hate to even give this guy energy at all, except that it’s people like him who block the sun. I mean, in a sense, in another sense maybe his lies help reveal the truth, the truth being that this region is crawling with opportunists and liars.

He gives the impression that he was pals with Kurt Cobain. Even by what you can read in Everett True’s book you can see that’s not true. He spoke to Cobain once in a beer line in 1992. He had to introduce himself “I was in the band, Cat Butt.” Cobain would have been familiar with the band name (what a name) because they played around Seattle at the time. So what. Burdyshaw says he knows Cobain’s first girlfriend,Tracy Marander. When I started uncovering truth in 2014 I was watching everyone around all of this fable and Marander had changed her profile image to a cat. That pretty much tells me all I need to know about Tracy Marander.

Burdyshaw in the music archives even went so far as to say that Kurt Cobain would find my line of inquiry ridiculous. Can you imagine the gall? That he thinks he knows what Kurt Cobain “would think.” Burdyshaw knows full well what the deal is. By the way, Chris’ ex-wife pulled this number as well, claiming, essentially, to channel the voice of Chris from the grave. You know – someone who helped put him in the grave now speaking for him. That’s rich.

If you actually care about truth, it’s important to recognize which people are lying, and to stop giving a platform to those people. Burdyshaw might offer some general insight into what the scene was like at the time, but the stuff he was saying in the Everett True book was clearly exaggerated, in some cases untrue, likely with an agenda.

Song of the Day 128 – Boo Frog – Everett True

Music critic Everett True writes on Collapse Board about our debut album

BOO FROGThe music is raw and timeless, psychedelic and trippy: all fuzzed guitars and mean gruff male vocals and Dead Moon-flecked female. One suspects there’s only a minimum of musicians playing, because Boo Frog clearly understand the way silence and the space between the silences can unsettle. There’s no bass. Why would there be? Why would there be? Reverb, as ever, is their queen and castle and legacy and floating jetsam pushing aside the barges of woe.

…This seems like everything The Racounteurs could be, but are not in any shape or form. I kept expecting ‘Crushed’ to break into 13th Floor Elevators’ ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’. Boo Frog are hard. Boo Frog are heavy. Boo Frog crush.

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