policy of infiltration and subterfuge

The philosophy seems to be if you are playing both sides, you can’t lose. It’s the same reason why wealthy donors fund both Democratic and Republican candidates in the same races. No matter who wins, you’ve already bought influence.

With regards to the music industry, the infiltration is through the underground. The most visible underground acts are industry and/or CIA linked. Punk rock was a vanguard of the music industry. The rebellion was faux. Of course there were those of us who bought what was being sold, to whom these things were meaningful – but all that seems to have done was set us up for a fall as – with a few exceptions – the supportive community we thought we had dissolved with the first influx of corruption cash. Many of them turned out to be completely enmeshed in the occult and much of this community support had always been an illusion. The culture was that of backstabbing – not because people are inherently evil, but because this is how it was set up by the industry who wants to never stop the life of crime.

In our families, infiltration was achieved through intermarriage and multigenerational brainwashing, as well as through financial means.

Thus, again, with a few key exceptions – everything that meant everything to us was coopted and destroyed, including some of the the most fundamental relationships, husband and wife, parent and child. And people are taught to excuse, enjoy, revel in, and even celebrate this predatory behavior.

With a few exceptions.

Every time I reach out for support, I’m reaching for the exceptional.

I know we contributed a lot to our communities in a number of different ways. I saw Chris do a lot of things for people – play benefits, play weddings, play Napalm Beach shows long after he swore he would never do it again, because it was someone’s birthday. And I’ve spent a huge portion of my life volunteering in a number of different capacities. When we were slogging through the club circuit – and yes, beginning around 2011 it started to become a slog from my point of view, because we weren’t progressing as we should have been, all things considered – we thought we were working towards something. In fact, what seems to have been going on was the community was booking us into gigs in order to get us enmeshed in various set ups, and to put us in contact with other bands specifically so they could file false reports with the FBI.

The entire music industry, enmeshed with the FBI and CIA in this way – is a fabrication of a playing field. Everything that is being achieved, it seems, is being achieved via corrupt back room deals, with a performance on the outside, making it look like these scenes are naturally springing up from creative engaged communitites.

What I find really sad is that the city of Portland seems to have essentially agreed to this deal where Seattle would get to have their day in the sun, and Portland would just settle for the dregs and backroom dollar deals. Worse, they decided they’d kill each other off with cancer. “Dialing for dollars.” It’s weird to think this is the only kind of life some people know.