Courtney Love, malfeasance, “Big C Mart”

Lately it seems like whatever I dream at night, I don’t remember much of it, but I’m left with an overall impression in the morning. Last night I was woken up a couple of times by Roxy screaming in pain, and I had the strong sense of Courtney Love being behind it, as I did last night and again this morning. This morning the indication was that Courtney Love is a CIA finance gruber (channel) behind much of the malfeasance in Portland’s government – the cars and construction projects. That this is all linked to FBI files that she scripts. Also, that she’s linked to the implanted devices in my mouth (tooth 14, 15). I normally would hesitate to write this stuff without outside evidence to back it up. But I have been writing about her a lot lately, and I have also taken steps to prevent Chris’ legacy from being wiped away and this seems to have led to retaliation.

Backing up for a moment – years ago, before I knew anything about any of this, I was interested in the music of Courtney Love and Hole. At that time I was going out with this honeytrap named Tom Harrison who I now think almost certainly was linked to her. I remember me saying something about being interested in her work at one point and he responded that he thought I was “obsessed” with her. That struck me as odd. I didn’t think my interest in her as an artist was anything close to obsession. This would have been around 2004 or 2005.

By the way? In spring 2005, the night before one of my cats, Princess, was found dead in a driveway – something that was both a twin event and had also been “predicted” in a dream – Tom and I had been watching The People Vs Larry Flint a movie starring Courtney Love.

I’ve had dreams more recently indicating that all this abuse and killing of pets is Nazi-origin stuff linked to the CIA.

Shortly after Chris died in May 2021, I received a series of anonymous comments on my YouTube channel by a user called “zille1313.” This user obviously had some kind of inside scoop because Chris often used 13 or 1313 in his passwords, and he died at exactly 11:33pm. The user claimed to be a male fan and acquaintance of Chris going back more than 30 years, and challenged me to guess who “he” was. I interacted with this person a little bit, then stopped. The person later deleted their account and all associated comments – I had made a screenshot of the account, but not the comments. Note that the person was following an account called “Huff Paranormal” – my Seattle based grandmother, nurse Helen Meyer’s maiden name was Huff. The account was also following Sam Henry as a topic – Sam was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few months later and died I believe the same month he was diagnosed.

I think I should do a post on the number 13 and what it meant to Chris (and me) versus what it means to probably everyone else.

Courtney Love – Mono – 2005

This account though has all kinds of indications that they are death linked. DiEM25 probably is pointed at me being as my initials are EM and my account is right next to it. The Criterion Collection “C” next to Sam Henry is linked to number 3 and almost certainly stands for “cancer” – and if you watch Courtney Love’s video for “Mono” she and her squad take over the “Big C Mart.”

Who was Zille1313? I don’t know. I have the ability, under certain conditions to receive information telepathically (so does Courtney and a number of other people). It’s not the same as being psychic. It’s more like radio transmission/receiving, and it’s not ever really that weird. It’s totally explainable scientifically and only “strange” because it’s been covered up so persistently.

It was clear that Zille1313 had a fair amount of information about Chris’ background. One thing I’ve felt the whole time is that Zille1313 was not male, as they claimed, but female. My strongest suspicion was that it was Valarie, especially at the end when the person wrote something about my “obsession” with Chris’ ex-wife Valarie, then wrote “I get it” – as if – the person understood why I would be “obsessed” with Valarie. This was just false. Considering how persistent Valarie was in communicating with (and lying to) Chris I probably didn’t think about her enough. Because of that last comment, I figured that this person was Valarie – especially later on when I saw that Valarie was also using the number 13, for example, in her email accounts.

With regards to “The Big C” – Valarie’s father had died of cancer. When he was diagnosed around 2010, Valarie told Chris about it, saying her father called cancer “The Big C.” The phrase “The Big C” also relates to – and may originate from – a literal “big C” in the hills over UC Berkeley (Cal). This literal Big C goes back to the early 1900s, and in fact there are a number of reasons to suspect that UC Berkeley is among the academic institutions linked to covert assassinations and malfeasance going back to their earliest days. (Rush Dolson, electrical engineer, class of 1910.)

I probably mentioned before that when Valarie and Chris were living on the streets of San Francisco, Valarie would dumpster dive for fabric and clothes, her hair dyed pink, teeth missing – the SF police nicknamed her “Courtney.”