The Courtney Love problem (butterflies and medical murders)

The Courtney Love problem extends beyond the trap she willingly walked into by fraudulently marrying Kurt Cobain. I say that it was a fraudulent marriage because she was a honey trap who’s job it was to destroy him, just as Chris’ wives were put in place to destroy him. I’m sure there was a cover story about them “taking care” of him (so he could be more easily defrauded out of all his creative works) – but that’s nothing but sugar coating. Dirt and sticks over a booby trap.

The problem is that she also has the FBI and CIA in a bind. The nature of the crime is mutual imprisonment. If Courtney were to testify truthfully under oath about her role, it would likely have a catastrophic effect on the Department of Justice – an effect that I think needs to happen – otherwise nothing will change – but of course they’d rather pretend everything is just fine as it is, and money and murder fixes everything. This is a DELUSION.

Courtney Love has the goods on the butterfly system. I suppose this is not a system the FBI and CIA want to admit they’ve been involved in (especially, I imagine, the FBI). Courtney Love has the goods on the reporting/informant system, the abuse, the medical murders. Perhaps on this account the Justice Department and CIA feel obligated to support her no matter how heinous her crimes.

Also, Courtney is obviously really good at deception, double speaking, and just flat out lies.

I was not the first person she deceived but I hope to be the last.