Satyricon foyer February 1986 – Big Time

I turn and burn.
Do not think I underestimate your great concern.

Sylvia Plath – Lady Lazarus

I want to take a look at this photo that is in the archive of Tom Robinson formerly of Concert Sound. Tom may have taken the photo or he may have acquired it from another source. The photo, I’m told, was taken in February 1986, and I have a feeling the photos been distributed and seen by a lot of people – even to the point that it’s sort of entered the occult – meaning things from the photo have been used to link to other things, including malfeasance.

What I’m posting here is most of the photo, not the whole thing.

Satyricon foyer 1986

I think this is the foyer. Satyricon was remodeled in the 1990s so this is a version of the club I myself never experienced. There’s a big Napalm beach poster or sticker on the side of whatever that structure is, then beneath it, a Sons of the Desert sticker. Above it is a Boy Wonders poster. Everyone who was in Boy Wonders has died, I think of cancer.

There’s a pay phone. Above the pay phone is lattice work, and above the lattice work are two signs, one saying Furies and one saying Tall Tales. There’s also the words “Road to Recovery” sharpied on to the wall, with an arrow pointing to the doorway (or is it to the stickers saying Furies and Tall Tales?) – Road to Recovery was a Napalm Beach song from 1985 album Teen Dream which may have been released on cassette in 1985. It was released on vinyl in 1986. Above the words “Road to Recovery” is a poster that had been drawn by Chris Newman – for Bruno’s birthday party I think. Bruno was the door man. The bands listed are Napalm Beach, Boy Wonders, Dharma Bums and a Seattle band called Untouchable Crew who would later be called U-Krew. There were a few contemporary bands with similar names – U-Men, U-Krew – maybe a reference to University of Washington? and then of course Napalm Beach’s original name was the Untouchables or you could say the Goners – they were the first. I don’t know who the guy is on the poster (?) with the sunglasses. But you can tell from this image that Napalm Beach pretty much ruled the roost. I suspect this was largely by design. It’s not that they didn’t have a lot to offer as a band but that’s not what this was about. This was about cultivating an alluring trap. If they were love-bombed at Satyricon and disdained elsewhere, Chris would learn to stay home. It’s not that they were overtly disdained elsewhere but there were lots of micro aggressions going on everywhere else – venues and other bands sending negative messages and trying to incite bad behavior. I witnessed this kind of thing again and again even after Chris and I were together. It’s disgusting, honestly, and it’s clearly top-down behavior and yes, right now I’m thinking a lot of this is Courtney Love directed and financed hostility. When Chris was sick and dying they amplified it even more, though in some cases it was disguised as “concern.”

Above the signs reading “Furies” and “Tall Tales” is what looks like some kind of art piece with charred wood and a weird face or mask.

I noticed a similarity to this face in Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” and I had a sense that the “big words” were Nisqually Delta Podunk Nightmare, a Nirvana adjacent Olympia band that played on KAOS radio and a total of three live shows 1987-88. Slim Moon (later of Kill Rock Stars) and Dylan Carson were in the band, and they were among the first bands to play with Nirvana. This is one of a few places in the Big Time video that makes me suspect that by 1987, Kurt Cobain (then only 20 years old) was already on the chopping block, and if so, it also lends more pattern based evidence that Satyricon was involved in this plan.

Here’s another reason I think this particular photograph was studied in an occult manner. It seems like Valarie may have deliberately evoked it in her last text to me.

As I said before, as Chris was dying, he was subjected to amplified microaggressions coming from every which way. The microaggressions, by the way, never seem to abate. Just today I went out to the garden where I have a compost bin and where I’m caring for some plants and the compost was shoveled out and spread everywhere and my plants were half uprooted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had plants that I’m caring for uprooted, poisoned, or just stolen – and the compost disrupted, just to create problems for me. This kind of thing happens all the time – but when Chris was dying it was amplified and coming from numerous sources all at once.

This seems like it was similar to what happened to Kurt Cobain right before his death, making me think the same entities are behind it. It’s like they smell blood in the water and they all pile garbage on the sinking person to hasten their demise. And the police, FBI do fuck all if they aren’t behind some of it themselves. They sit there and watch people literally driven to their deaths and won’t even take a crime report.

In Chris’ case, the microaggressions included weird stuff with his phone – an increase in spam calls, an heavy increase in email spam, his T-Mobile voicemail switching to Spanish (this happened to him a lot, and it’s happened to me too, and it’s done remotely, on purpose – he hated it) – and all these women baiting him. This deserves its own entry, but one of the women who kept texting him was his ex-wife Valarie.

Valarie had been lying to Chris and trying to drive a wedge between him and I for some time. Chris would answer her texts politely and then delete them so as not to create conflict with me, but obviously, as he grew sicker, he couldn’t do that. Valarie sent a series of texts where she berated him for “shutting her out” as he was literally dying.

After years of not engaging with her, just before Chris died, I finally answered her back, asking how she could say she “loved” him when all she did was deceive him. She deliberately misled him and prevented him from achieving his dreams, of even making a living playing music. She led him into a hole and if he tried to find his way out, she pushed him back in. So I challenged her on all of that and she didn’t respond. Ten days later, she sent me a photo of a crow perched on a lattice work fence.

Regardless of how this is sugar coated, in truth, Valarie married Chris in order to destroy him. And I think that Courtney Love married Kurt Cobain for the exact same reason.

By the way – there are signs that indicate that this crew knew that Chris would be taken out on May 9th.

How do you suppose they would know that?

Chris was medically murdered by having his heart and breathing stopped remotely. Who made the call? And who sent out announcements ahead of time?