FBI files / CIA script

I am still struggling to understand how the FBI operates. It seems like they are very opaque, with a veneer of being very clear. Currently the front page of the FBI website reads “We protect the American people and uphold the U.S. Constitution” – but it’s superimposed over a photo of a woman surveying a blurred excavation site that initially, at least to me, looks like a cemetery. What are the white blurry headstone like objects? It isn’t explained.

FBI.gov front page banner showing excavation site
FBI.gov front page banner 9/22/22

The FBI understands the power of coded language and images. When you click the “read more” link, you come to a page with a woman’s ghostly face behind frosted glass, framed by two etched pentagrams – one near her jaw, one near her temple and the words “ahead of the threat.”

FBI mission and priorities page showing woman's figure behind frosted glass

Along with this image, “ahead of the threat” can be read a number of ways. Is the ghostly-looking woman the “threat”? Or is this mirror-speak – “a head of the threat” – ? I suspect it’s intended to be understood as both these things. In other words – the FBI is a “head” of the threat – and you are also supposed to see the woman behind the glass (me) as a threat.

When you are running a crime gang, and someone is trying to end the crime – the law, and even the crime victim – becomes the threat. And to the extent that the FBI can also claim to be a head of a “threat” – they are displaying power. This makes it difficult for (me) to get help in my quest for safety and restitution.

I have studied the FBI’s use of imagery (and numbers) for some time and honestly, they really seem to advertise malfeasance and adherence to a script of occult mind control and power brokering.

What they investigate

So – does the FBI primarily investigate crime, in the sense of gathering tips, collecting evidence, building a case, etc – or are they actually engaged in something darker, like fishing expeditions, collecting reports on people who should not be under suspicion for anything, and/or financed assassinations via radiofrequency operated biomedical implant networks? I suppose it’s a bit of both, but I increasingly suspect their operations are less about law enforcement and protecting citizens and the US constitution, and more about maintaining corporate power, even when that power involves malfeasance and outright crime.

FBI files

Why would funneling negative reports to the FBI be such a lucrative business?

I’ve been trying to figure out how reports would get to the FBI and my understanding right now is that it is by phone, but that could be done in a number of ways. For example, the FBI may have a set of informants who themselves have informants. In other words, not everyone is calling the FBI directly, but they have a contact to compile and convey information.

Also, based on the way things are reflected back, it’s pretty clear there is a script – meaning, the stories seem to have originated from a single source, even if they’re coming in from several sources. So let’s say there’s a middleman (or woman). That person might be able to convey to the informants what kinds of stories are desired; which the informants could then manufacture or set up, and report back. So for example, when everyone was piling drama and micro aggressions on Chris at the end of his life, one of the things going on were women texting him saying things like “I am determined to see you no matter what” or “I know I’m not allowed to see you” – things along those lines, the storyline being that Erika is holding Chris captive. If someone knows that someone else is under surveillance, they could presumably weaponize the surveillance in any number of ways, including trying to lend support to false narratives. To me, it looks like that is what was going on there. This is the same pattern seen in my medical records, and even (about me) in Chris’ medical records, and almost certainly in police records. So if the source of the script is not the police or FBI, they work very closely with them. It could be the CIA.

Support for the idea that the script is CIA concocted includes:

  • the likely involvement of Whitey Bulger who had known contact with CIA project MKULTRA
  • evidence of finance, set ups, couriers and messengers linked entertainment industry
  • involvement of military drones and frequency-based high tech weaponry
  • links to biowarfare research, mind control / brainwashing tactics, and large scale hospital malfeasance

That’s about it.

I don’t know how well I’ve made the case for all of these things going on, but it is what I’ve observed. If you look at the other things I’ve written through this lens – I think it all starts to make more sense.