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Boo Frog: Put on your boots and fall in love….

From Fred Spenner, Underdog Fanzine:

Ach wie romantisch. Erika (SERPENTONE) und Chris (NAPALM BEACH) haben sich eigentlich zusammen getan, um Geld für die Vermittlung von Hunden und Katzen aufzutreiben. Die Arbeit war offenbar so intensiv, dass sie näher zusammen rückten, sich verliebten und mit BOO FROG in die Sphären der vollkommenen Harmonie abtauchen. Dort, wo schon die CRAMPS in der Garage experimentierten, dort, wo das Haus of the rising sun steht, und wo psychedelische Dorgen das Bewusstsein erweitern. “Walk with me” geben sich BOO FROG offenherzig und stehen ganz am Anfang des Vintage Rocks, als analoge Musik noch eine spannende Entdeckungsreise war. Das Debüt ist ein Wüstenritt, an dem abends an der Oase romantische Lieder auf der Fender begleitet werden. Put your boots out und fell in love with BOO FROG! Aber Vorsicht vor den Klapperschlangen und den Skorpionen. Das musikalische Gift wirkt halluzigen!

Rocket review of “Curiosities” (1993)

Review of Napalm Beach "Curiosities" by Wilum Pugmire. The Rocket. Seattle, 1993.

Dedicated to Katherine Dunn, whose ‘Geek Love’ served as inspiration, ‘Curiosities’ tells a curious tale with compelling words and soaring music. From the moment the music began to spill into the air, I was caught within Chris Newman’s web. His clear earthy voice, full of passion, brings these emotional songs to vibrant life. Jan Celt’s gorgeous violin playing especially adds to the opening track, ‘As I Am.’ The rich combination of musical styles, from haunting ballads to thrashing punk, perfectly reflects Newman’s stunning lyrics. I sensed the sawdust, drank the sorrow. My freakish heart throbbed with nameless fever. ‘Curiosities’ is rich human experience raised to degrees of fucking art!

— Wilum Pugmire, The Rocket, June 1993. Seattle.

Sound Choice Review of “Liquid Love” (1989)

Liquid Love is available through Flying Heart Records

Tired of rock stars high on eyeliner? Wondering what Faustian deal was cut with promising artists such as Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and Robert Plant? Who castrated the Who? Where did the quick in Quicksilver go? Unfortunately most early hard rock bands died an early living death, many whom are still among us as somnambulists walking up and down the charts. Hard Rock is a valid genre. Too bad the field got littered with a Las Vegas idea of heaven. Yet in all our home towns someone has given this fallen angel of music some redemption. Over the last few years it’s been the punks mostly who have rung it home. Just when you thought hard rock was ready for another Liberace (or Wayne Newton) a Power Duo comes along like Napalm Beach. They take their inspiration from the peak hard core moments of bands like Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly, Doors and the Stooges. They can play at my party anytime.

— Darrell Jonsson, Sound Choice Magazine, 1989. Los Angeles.