On the audacity of the crime (and Courtney Love)

Taking a moment to reflect on why perpetrators of a crime would be so obvious as to write it into songs, art, etc. Some of this has to do with framing it as a Game, which makes it psychologically more palatable, but I think that a lot of it is a show of power. The defense strategy around this crime is in a lot of ways exactly the opposite of what you usually find. Most people who commit a crime would expect to work with the minimum number of people required to pull something off, and to keep those people as quiet as possible. In this scenario, there is some of that, but there’s also a lot of brazen behavior which I believe is designed to threaten and intimidate. Also, when you get into the occult side of this, there are elements of “magic” in a psychological sense, another type of power display. The magic is actually achieved through the use of psychology, technology, and graft.

This song that was mentioned to me as being a favorite on the Satyricon jukebox, Alien Sex Fiend “I walk the line” appears to be a hypnotic trance inducing type of song, with repeated riffs and lyrics repeating “I walk the line between good and evil” and “my business is a little bit cloak and dagger” It seems like it might be something intended to trigger – let’s just call it Courtney’s butterfly army – to switch from a benign to a weaponized or “evil” personality.

I do, by the way, think that Courtney Love is a very significant figure. At this time, her influence, from my point of view, is growing in my understanding. What I mean is, as I said, she came to Portland with a mission, but she’s been on a mission the whole time, and her art has been a vehicle (and cover) for big financial manipulations. I don’t want to assign her more power than she actually has, but I do think she is literally a type of commander figure, and that she achieved a high position by exploiting and lying about Chris Newman and infiltrating the network around him, and by infiltrating the network around me as well. I said before I think she was involved in both honeytrapping Kurt Cobain, lying about him, and deliberately taking him down, and that she did the same thing to Chris Newman as well. She seems to be very tied into California-style CIA witchy occult attitudes. She seems very tied into the entertainment industry. One of the things she’s doing has been brokering deals for negative reports on Chris, me, and others – deals involving gifts, cash, professional opportunities. I think she sees herself as being very powerful – as a killer – because she is backed by global finance and the CIA (including their weaponized hospital system) and I think she has also weaponized the FBI. I believe she is linked to Whitey Bulger finance and creating routes to success for musicians based on their willingness to stick to the back-stabbing script.

The counter narrative, where people disparage Courtney, looks to me at this time like a put on. It’s a cover, and it actually worked really well on me, because people who complained about Courtney, when questioned, often didn’t have much solid to say to back it up. This had the effect, initially, of making me empathize with her. Courtney was being unfairly targeted, I thought. She was being scapegoated. Now I think the whole thing is deception. Whether people like her or not doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they stick to their part of the script. Sometimes the script calls for disparaging Courtney, sometimes it calls for praising and defending her. In reality she’s a ring leader, and what happened to Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith, and others involved many, many people who now believe themselves to be dependent on Courtney Love for their own protection. By protection, I mean continued deception, and access to corrupt finance.

There seems to be layers of deception and the training of people to “sleep” on command (assume another personality, pretend to know nothing, etc) – probably helps facilitate this. The reality is that Courtney’s butterfly army is always in danger of meeting a bug zapper, and I really don’t think that bothers Courtney much at all. The following is from my point of view, not even a slight exaggeration: Courtney Love seems to be a person who cares only about money. She is a person who literally does not care about human life. She is, in fact, a person who gains a sense of power knowing she has the ability to take someone out, and she loves to let people know this. She’s done it again and again and again.