Poster made by Chris advertising for LOUD drummer, featuring illustration of the invisible man
1979 – The Goners were an early incarnation of Untouchables/Napalm Beach

Updated 11 September 2022 – Intent here is to create and regularly update a sort of master list of Chris’ live performance history. As I start this page out, in September 2022, my primary interest is in documenting what Chris was doing prior to getting arrested, losing his apartment, becoming homeless in 1996, though ultimately I think it will be useful to get a view of his entire performance history, to whatever extent it’s possible. So everything I come across or figure out, I’ll put into this document. Things going into this document have either been published and sources in another location, or can be corroborated with flyers or calendars that have been published online. For now, I’m going to sort this list by club. Ideally, this would be put into a database where it could be sorted by band, club, month, year, etc.

Chris fronted a number of shorter lived bands before the Untouchables/Napalm Beach – Bodhi (approx 1971-1974); Max Cruise (?) – in 1974 at age 21 he went down to Los Angeles to try and “make it” professionally with one of his early bands and failed to even book gigs, while it sounds like Bodhi, mostly a money-earning cover band playing the hippie hits of the day (heavy riff rock and pop), played a lot around Washington State. In the late 1970s Chris’ interests shifted to the bugeoning punk/new wave scene.




Friday June 21 – Napalm Beach w/ Bam Bam, Tradition Dictates
Tuesday December 31 – Napalm Beach New Years Eve (partial bootleg extists)
Friday September 20 – Napalm Beach with Oily Bloodmen and Sin Hipster


Thursday – June 5 – Tex and the Horseheads w/ Napalm Beach
Friday – November 21 – Napalm Beach w/ Venarays
Saturday – August 23 – Napalm Beach


Saturday – May 23 – Napalm Beach w/ Venarays (gunshot poster)
Friday – July 17 – Green River w/ Snow Bud and the Flower People
Wednesday – August 19 – Party – Snow Bud and the Flower People, Dharma Bums, Barbarians of Soul, Obituaries
Friday- August 21 – Snow Bud and the Flower People, Obituaries
Friday – August 28 – Napalm Beach


Friday – January 13 – Napalm Beach w/ Coffin Break (An interesting calendar. This is one week to the day after Nirvana’s first show in Portland and outside of Washington State, opening for Mudhoney at Satyricon January 6 – but their name does not appear on the calendar. On Friday January 20 Dharma Bums play, and on January 27 it’s Nero’s Rome with Courtney Taylor.
Thursday – January 26 – Snow Bud and the Flower People with Alcoholics Unanimous (day before this, it’s Kurtz Project w/ TrĂ©s Shannon)
Sunday December 31 – Napalm Beach w/ Jackals New Years Eve (Napalm Beach played Pine Street on December 30)


Thursday April 12 – Snow Bud and the Flower People
Friday April 27 – Napalm Beach Record Release (the following night, April 28, with Dharma Bums, is the night of the Satyricon riot)

September 1991 (none of Chris’ bands on calendar, may be on tour)


Saturday June 11 – Snow Bud and the Flower People w/ Prawn, Time Killing Isabel, Brain Pudding
Friday August 5 – Snow Bud and the Flower People, Ticklehead, Moss Dog, Just Plain Bill (Hemp for Victory release)


Friday May 23 – Napalm Beach w/ Oily Bloodmen, The Incinerators, 52 Devil Babies (Satyricon 13 anniversary)
Thursday November 14 – Napalm Beach with Satellite, Mummery, and Add-X (In My Tree Release, maybe – CM Records poster)

2010 Farewell Shows

Wednesday October 6 – Boo Frog w/ Ghostrance, Slutty Hearts
Thursday October 21 – Kleveland w/ Snow Bud and the Flower People, Hogwild, Slackjaw
Saturday October 30 – Pierced Arrows, Napalm Beach, Eastside Speed Machine, Don’t, Iron Lords


Central Tavern (1977-1990)

Again, this is research done by
saying ” who says “I chose to start my research in 1986, the year when the Central became much more than just a typical Pioneer Square club, thanks to the efforts of booking gods Jan Gregor, Terry Lee Hale, and others.” The club changed owners, and changed direction in booking, in 1990.

Based on what I see here, the clubs in Seattle linked most closely to the Sub Pop bands were the Vogue and Central Tavern. In Portland it was Satyricon.


January 3-4 – Jackals, Napalm Beach (Jackals played this club a lot.)
September 16 – Napalm Beach
October 4 – Dayglow Abortions, Napalm Beach, Cheatin’ Death
October 18 – Saccharine Trust, Napalm Beach, Skin Yard
November 6 – Napalm Beach, No Tomorrow


March 27 – Napalm Beach, F-Holes
August 14 – MIA, Napalm Beach
December 18 – Snow Bud & The Flower People, F-Holes, Dead Moon
Note: site states that Green River broke up in November 1987


December 16 – Napalm Beach, Big Tube Squeezer, Terry Lee Hale

The Wrex (1980-82)


March 21 – Untouchables
May 8-9 – Untouchables, X-15, Tiny Holes
July 15 – Untouchables
July 17 – Untouchables, Crisis, Spectators
July 18 – Untouchables, Spectators
August 5-6 – Untouchables
August 9 – Untouchables, Executives
October 8-10 – Napalm Beach, Grey Matter
October 31 – Napalm Beach, Visible Targets, Sleeping Movement
November 14 – X, Napalm Beach
December 11 – Napalm Beach
December 12 – Napalm Beach, Visible Targets


February 5 – The Untouchables
February 19 – The Fleshtones, Napalm Beach

The Wrex closed in March 1982, re-opening in January 1983 as The Vogue. The last published show was on February 20 and it was The Fleshtones with Blackouts.

Baby O’s (1980-82)


August 7-8 – Untouchables
September 2-5 – Untouchables


May 14-15 – No Cheese Please, Napalm Beach
June 18-19 – Hi-Fi, Napalm Beach

The Showbox


May 30 – Rescue The Rock Of The ’80s Spring Collection w/Untouchables, RPA, Nouveau Cliche
August 30 – Save The Gorilla Room Benefit w/The Enemy, Napalm Beach, Student Nurse, Spectators, Rapid-I, the Executives, DT’s, the Deans, Scizzors, Shatterbox, Fastbacks, the Rats, Joe Despair & the Future

May 9 – KCMU Benefit – Visible Targets, Three Swimmers, Napalm Beach
September 26 – KCMU Benefit – The Cowboys, 54/40, Life In General, Napalm Beach,The Frazz, Pamona Boners
November 12 – Public Image Ltd., Napalm Beach

Gorilla Room (1980-81)


December 12-13 – The Untouchables, Casey Nova


February 27 – Red Dress, Untouchables
February 28 – The Enemy, Untouchables
April 28 – Cowboys, Untouchables
April 29 – Untouchables
April 30 – Untouchables, Skinny Ties
May 26 – The Cowboys, Untouchables
July 16 – Executives, Untouchables (this entry is missing from the website)
July 18 – Untouchables

With regards to the end of the Gorilla Room, the website states “On July 23rd, 1981, the PI noted that the Washington State Liquor Board ordered a month-long closure of the Gorilla Room due to numerous minor violations.” The club was given a number of sanctions and never re-opened.

August 1981 is when Untouchables changed their name to Napalm Beach. My 2013 version of story (relayed from Chris) was: “Napalm Beach closed down the Gorilla Room. The place was packed and everything and everyone was sloshing under a layer of beer. They partied until they passed out onstage. That was the end of the Gorilla Room.”

It sounds like the violations had to do with minors drinking on the premises. My notes state that “Underage patrons found onsite included Duff McKagan and Chuck Biscuits.”

Gorilla Gardens (1985)


June 7 – Napalm Beach, Young Pioneers, Noon Moon, Bundle Of Hiss, 69 Ways

Closed down at the end of 1985 after a “riot” and underage drinking at 11/26/85 Circle Jerks show

Athens Cafe (1982-83)


January 23 – Blackouts, Napalm Beach

February 5 – Napalm Beach, Robyrt DeLong & The Pushbuttons 

Ditto Tavern (1985-87)


December 13 – Napalm Beach


February 10 – Napalm Beach
June 6 – Napalm Beach

Golden Crown


June 12 – Visible Targets, Napalm Beach
July 16 – Beat Pagodas, Napalm Beach
July 30-31 – 54/40, Napalm Beach
August 20-21 – Toiling Midgets, Napalm Beach
September 17-18 – Napalm Beach, Life In General, Rally Go
November 26 – Napalm Beach, Student Nurse, LeMax
December 17 – Napalm Beach, Next Exit


August 2-3 – Napalm Beach, The Icons

Graven Image Gallery


July 14 – Pell Mell, Napalm Beach



August 6 – John Cale, Memory, Napalm Beach

November 26 – D.O.A. Fastbacks, Spluii Numa, Richard Peterson (This is the lineup on the flyer. The Rocket has Napalm Beach on the bill but not Spluii Numa or Richard Peterson)

(Nov 25 and Nov 30 both feature Minneapolis bands – Bohemia and The Replacements)


February 11 – Napalm Beach (PDX), Los Mexicans, Idle Worship, DSML

The last show at Metropolis was Alien Sex Fiend (London), Red Masque, 3 Squirrels From Hell – though Chris didn’t play this show, I’m noting it here because based on this detail, I have reason to suspect there’s a link between the ending of Seattle’s Metropolis and the beginning of Portland’s Satyricon.

Squid Row


August 26 – Claudia Gehrke Birthday Party w/Snowbud & The Flower People, Girl Trouble, Bundy Creature



July 19 – Napalm Beach
November 27 – Napalm Beach


(April 15 – Napalm Beach, White Boys
August 25 – Claudia’s birthday with Napalm Beach, H-Hour, Bundy Creature (see: who was Bundy Creature? and Sub Pop Sundays)


February 28 – Sub Pop Sunday w/ Snow Bud & The Flower People
June 29 – Napalm Beach (PDX), Coffin Break