Christopher L. Newman Discography

Note: This discography, researched and compiled by Eric N. Danielson, covers all releases by Chris Newman on all record labels including (but not limited to) Skullman.

  1. The Untouchables, Live at the Long Goodbye in 1980 (unreleased).
  2. Napalm Beach, self-titled E.P. (1981), Park Avenue Records. (test pressing only)
  3. Various, Trap Sampler vinyl LP (1981), Trap Records. (Napalm Beach has three songs on this compilation, featuring the original Untouchables line up.)
  4. Napalm Beach, Live at the Met cassette (1983), Trap Records.
  5. Napalm Beach, Rock & Roll Hell cassette (1983), Trap Records.
  6. Napalm Beach, Pugsley cassette (1984), self-released.
  7. Snow Bud and the Flower People, self-titled (1986), self-released cassette.
  8. Napalm Beach, Teen Dream cassette (1985), Here After/Imperial.
  9. Napalm Beach, Teen Dream vinyl LP (1986), Here After/Imperial.
  10. Chris Newman, Moving To And Fro cassette (1986), self-released cassette recorded in 1985.
  11. Snow Bud and the Flower People, Vegetable Matter (1986), self-released cassette.
  12. Various, Bands That Will Make Money (1986), cassette compilation released by Seattle radio station KCMU. Napalm Beach had one track called “Monster.”
  13. Kate Fate and the Fingers of Doom, Fingers of Doom (1989), (guitar) Tombstone Records.
  14. Napalm Beach,Moving To And Fro vinyl LP (1988), Loves Simple Dreams (Berlin, Germany).
  15. Napalm Beach, Liquid Love vinyl LP/CD/cassette (1988), Flying Heart
  16. Napalm Beach, Fire Air and Water LP/CD/cassette (1990), Flying Heart Records (U.S.)/Satyricon Records (Düsseldorf, Germany).
  17. Various, Satyricon… the Album vinyl LP (1990)
  18. Various, Howl 11 7″ 45 (1991), Howl magazine. Napalm Beach had one song on this compilation put out by German magazine Howl, “Just One Day,” which previously appeared on the 1984 Pugsley cassette. Note: Mudhoney appeared on Howl 3 in 1989 with their song “Need.”
  19. Various, Ptolemaic Terrascope, Vol. 2, No. 1, Sept. 1990. Napalm Beach had one song, “Pugsley,” included on a 7″ flexi disc insert in this British music magazine.
  20. Napalm Beach, Thunder Lizard vinyl LP/CD (1991), Satyricon (Düsseldorf, Germany)
  21. Napalm Beach, Rumblin’ Thunder: Raw and Alive Over Germany vinyl LP (1991), Dreamhunter (Germany).
  22. Snow Bud and the Flower People, Green Thing CD (1991) Flying Heart Records.
  23. Snow Bud and the Flower People, “Amsterdam” b/w “Pot Tattoo,” High Times magazine, 1991.
  24. Various, A Tribute to Johnny Thunders double vinyl 7″ 45 (1991), Tim Kerr Records. Napalm Beach performs the New York Dolls’ “Chatterbox.”
  25. Various Artists, Xmas With Satyricon CD (1992), Satyricon Records. Napalm Beach had five songs on this live compilation by three bands recorded in Düsseldorf, Germany on December 18, 1991. Napalm’s live tracks include “Last Big Heartache,” “No Love,” “As I Am,” “Frenzy,” “Holy Ground,” and “My Master Calls.” This is an eclectic collection of songs from four Napalm albums, ranging from Rock and Roll and Hell through Teen Dream, Fire Air and Water, and the then not yet released Curiosities. These may also be the same five live tracks included on the German release of Curiosities in 1992. Coincidentally, Chris decided to re-record a new studio version of “Last Big Heartache” later that same year. An otherwise unavailable photo of Napalm appears on the back cover.
  26. Napalm Beach, Last Big Heartache/Summertime Again vinyl 7″ 45 (1992), Tim Kerr Records.
  27. Various, Eight Songs for Greg Sage and The Wipers double vinyl 7″ 45 (1992), Tim Kerr. Napalm Beach performs the Wipers’ “Potential Suicide.”
  28. Snow Bud and the Flower People, Ripped Van Stinkle CD (1992), Tim Kerr.
  29. Napalm Beach, Curiosities CD (1992), Satyricon (Germany); (1993) Tim Kerr Records (U.S.). The German CD included 5 additional live tracks not included on the U.S. version.
  30. Various, Fourteen Songs for Greg Sage and The Wipers CD (1993), Tim Kerr. Napalm Beach performs the Wipers’ “Potential Suicide.”
  31. Snow Bud and the Flower People, “Killer Bud” b/w “Third Shelf” 7″ 45, August 1993 Sub Pop single of the month [SP 219].
  32. Napalm Beach, “My Master Calls,” 7″ 45 flexidisc insert in Flipside magazine, b/w a track by Poison Idea (1993).
  33. Oblivion Seekers, Spirit of America CD (1993) Tim Kerr Records. (Chris played lead guitar on this record by another Portland band.)
  34. Chris Newman, Volunteer CD (1994), Flying Heart Records.
  35. Napalm Beach, In My Tree CD (1994), CM/Shinola (U.S.); (1995) Dreamhunter (Germany).
  36. Chris Newman solo acoustic album credited to Snow Bud, Stoned and Alone CD (1996),CM/Shinola.
  37. Various Kurt and Courtney (1997) film soundtrack. Napalm Beach cover of the Wipers, “Potential Suicide.”
  38. Various, A Taste of the Blue Rose (1998), Flying Heart Records. Chris Newman has one song, “Sorry for Myself,” on this blues compilation. This was his last recording before fleeing to San Francisco at the end of that year.
  39. Snow Bud and the Flower People, Biggest Hits CD (1999), Flying Heart Records. (Compilation of tracks from the first two cassettes self-released in 1985 and 1986.)
  40. Various, The History of Portland Punk Vol. I (2000), Zeno Records.
  41. Snow Bud and the Flower People, Holy Smoke CD (2002), Melliferous.
  42. Napalm Beach, Rock & Roll Hell CD (2004), Zeno Records. (Includes tracks from the 1983 Live at the Met cassette.)
  43. Chris Newman, Tarp Town Years CD (2004), Flying Heart Records.
  44. Divining Rods, Love Letter to the Dead CD (2006).
  45. BB Gun (2006) (Chris’s songs and playing)
  46. Divining Rods, Key of H CD (2007)
  47. Snow Bud and the Flower People, Live at Geezerfest, CD (2007). (Recorded live at the Crocodile Café in Seattle on August 25, 2007.)
  48. Chris Newman Experiment, La Rose Noire CD (2008)
  49. Napalm Beach, Live CD (2008) (aka “Kill For My Bitch”)
  50. Lost Acolytes, Chasing Heaven unreleased CD.
  51. Napalm Beach, Moving To And Fro CD (2009), Skullman Records. Transfer from the German vinyl, but arranged in the original manner.
  52. Boo Frog, Boo Frog (2009), Skullman Records.
  53. Various Artists, Doomtown PDX: Portland Punk ’78-’85, Mississippi Records Tape Series Vol.21 [MRC-021]. Napalm Beach has one song on this cassette compilation, “Why Do Parties Have To End?”
  54. Boo Frog, Better Than the Rest CD (2010), Skullman Records.
  55. Napalm Beach, Teen Dream CD (2010), Skullman Records. Transfer from vinyl, but arranged in the original (cassette) order.
  56. Boo Frog, Valley of Sickness CD (2012), Skullman Records.
  57. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Beachcomber CD (2014)
  58. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, King Shit CD (2015)
  59. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Nobody CD (2015)
  60. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Xmas CD (2016)
  61. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Sentimental Fool CD (2016)
  62. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, 50 Years Late CD (2016)
  63. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Lost In The Moment CD (2017)
  64. Chris Newman Cosmic Engineers, Cosmic Engineers CD (2017)
  65. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Love Left Town CD (2017)
  66. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Feck CD (2018)
  67. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Dark Web Blues CD (2018)
  68. Chris Newman, New Man CD (2018)
  69. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo, Time Says Goodbye CD (2019)
  70. Chris Newman, Re-Revolution CD (2020)
  71. Chris Newman, Lay Low CD (Nov 17 2020)
  72. Chris Newman, 2020 CD (Dec 18 2020)