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Boo Frog

Boo Frog formed after Chris and Erika got together with a few other Portland musicians to rehearse and perform a one-time tribute for Lux Interior and The Cramps in March 2009. Doug Naish (Crackerbash, Dirty Lowdowns) joined in 2013. Boo Frog released 3 albums which are available on Bandcamp

Members: Chris (guitar/vocals/keys), Erika (guitar/vocals), Doug Naish (drums). (Former members: Paul Vega, Eric A, Rebecca Davidson).
Years active: 2009-2013
Albums: Boo Frog (CD 2009), Better Than The Rest (LP 2011), Undead at Satyricon (live performance on cassette 2011), Valley of Sickness (2012)

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