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Playing the victim

Sometimes there are “gotcha” moments, but more often, seeing the outlines of the crime is largely about seeing patterns. One of the primary patterns I see is “playing the victim.” This works well when you’ve weaponized and exploited women, children, and Indigenous and black people, as has been done. To be a butterfly is to be exploited. Being exploited makes a person angry. Butterflies are angry, but what I see is they misdirect their anger, probably because it benefits them socially, professionally, and financially. Misdirected revenge becomes a way of life. Also, there is a cultivated culture that elevates deception and opportunism. You are seen as masterful if you can pull the wool over someone’s eyes and take them for all they’ve got, or set wolves after them. Think Harley Quinn.

A huge power move I’ve seen pulled by just about every deceiver in this scenario is playing the victim, and fingering an innocent party as the perpetrator. This is considered a tactic of deception, a legitimate power move.

In those cases where they don’t want to lie directly, they use the power of implication. They don’t say exactly what happened or who was responsible – they let you believe that someone did something – draw your own conclusions and so forth.

I don’t want anything bad to happen to my daughter’s father, but I am aware that in the 1990s he unfairly painted me as unfaithful, or possibly unfaithful. When I was pregnant with our daughter he acted like he didn’t think he was the father, which was completely insane. I’d never given him any reason to think that I’d been unfaithful, and I hadn’t been. I now see that this is part of a bigger pattern. The script came from elsewhere.

Chris’ second wife Denise acted like she thought Chris was being unfaithful because when he was left alone for months at a time he spent time with his ex-wife Valarie, who wouldn’t leave him alone, and/or relapsed on heroin. Chris was never unfaithful to Denise, though she was unfaithful to him, in that she married him fraudulently. She also continually tried to lure him back, even though she really didn’t want him.

Valarie wrote to Chris while he was sick and dying of cancer, “playfully” calling him “pimp daddy” – as if he had pimped her out. Valarie’s life as a prostitute was her doing, not Chris. She dragged Chris into the heroin lifestyle and she dragged him onto the streets. Am I saying Valarie was never exploited? No, I am not saying that. I’m saying Chris did not exploit her. But she never let him forget about their lives in the gutter.

Shortly before Chris died, his sister Becky texted “I forgive you big brother!” – for what, exactly?

I’m not saying that in their time together, Chris had never done anything to hurt Becky – I’m saying that in the entire twelve years I lived with Chris, Becky had never once indicated that she was holding some kind of grudge against him that she’d need to forgive him for, just before his death. To be honest, I think she’s the one who should be asking forgiveness.

I’ve just been reading through Courtney Love’s old tweets. She’s been doing the same thing, indirectly. One of the things she keeps alluding to is being exploited and/or raped in some kind of entertainment industry context – but she has never come out and said what that was. I’ve told the story that Chris told me as completely as I know it, and it is a story of exploitation – but not by Chris. Courtney was a teenager, and she tried to trick Chris into having sex with her. This doesn’t make her “guilty” – but I think that she should come out and say what really happened, and who, EXACTLY was behind it. Stop with the cryptic bullshit.

The crime landscape

The first thing to know is Chris and I were both deceived our whole lives, by everyone around us. It’s clear that our parents were lured, brainwashed, or otherwise convinced to participate in the deception going back, probably to before we were born. Based on how I’ve seen the boomer adults behave, I get the impression they were convinced that it was some kind of “special” thing to bring up their children in a trauma based mind control system. They are proud of it.

Proud of enslaving their own children. This is confusing to me, but maybe they too were deceived.

All while we had no clue what was going on, people positioned themselves around us strategically, planning out the crime of the century, much of which, apparently involved set ups, medical malfeasance, and scripting and filing false reports to the FBI. They sabotaged our efforts to marry and constantly lobbed traps and set ups at us. They took illegal surveillance and peddled it as “porn,” then used it as leverage for control and psychological abuse. No one prevented this. No one protected us. No one even acted like we had rights.

That I began to uncover something odd with Chris’ music history in 2013 was likely no accident. There’s reasons to suspect the entire thing was orchestrated through the mind control system, with the idea of killing Chris and I off via false reports to the weaponized FBI/CIA, collecting spoils, and continuing the crime indefinitely. Meanwhile, I was writing emails to music journalists, writers, trying to figure out why there were so many holes in people’s stories, and not accepting the deflection and weak excuses they were offering. They didn’t like that. They wanted me to swallow the lies and shut up.

The deception has not ended. People are still sticking to the same stories they’ve held onto for decades, even though it’s clear the stories are full of holes.

I am continually re-examining the take-down I experienced while seeking legal advice in January 2014, because it involved so many people, so much finance, and so many moving parts. Mind control technologies were involved. Sub Pop artists seem to have been involved. Courtney Love seems to have been involved. Doctors were involved. My mother was involved. Family friends were involved. I don’t see any evidence that anyone but me, Chris, and my daughter have bore the direct consequences of theses crimes, though I think millions of people have experienced indirect consequences.

For every crime committed that goes unaddressed, the crime organization seems to gain exponentially more power. That is why I say I will fight it until my last breath or until the crime has ended and the crime organization has been shut down.

On the audacity of the crime (and Courtney Love)

Taking a moment to reflect on why perpetrators of a crime would be so obvious as to write it into songs, art, etc. Some of this has to do with framing it as a Game, which makes it psychologically more palatable, but I think that a lot of it is a show of power. The defense strategy around this crime is in a lot of ways exactly the opposite of what you usually find. Most people who commit a crime would expect to work with the minimum number of people required to pull something off, and to keep those people as quiet as possible. In this scenario, there is some of that, but there’s also a lot of brazen behavior which I believe is designed to threaten and intimidate. Also, when you get into the occult side of this, there are elements of “magic” in a psychological sense, another type of power display. The magic is actually achieved through the use of psychology, technology, and graft.

This song that was mentioned to me as being a favorite on the Satyricon jukebox, Alien Sex Fiend “I walk the line” appears to be a hypnotic trance inducing type of song, with repeated riffs and lyrics repeating “I walk the line between good and evil” and “my business is a little bit cloak and dagger” It seems like it might be something intended to trigger – let’s just call it Courtney’s butterfly army – to switch from a benign to a weaponized or “evil” personality.

I do, by the way, think that Courtney Love is a very significant figure. At this time, her influence, from my point of view, is growing in my understanding. What I mean is, as I said, she came to Portland with a mission, but she’s been on a mission the whole time, and her art has been a vehicle (and cover) for big financial manipulations. I don’t want to assign her more power than she actually has, but I do think she is literally a type of commander figure, and that she achieved a high position by exploiting and lying about Chris Newman and infiltrating the network around him, and by infiltrating the network around me as well. I said before I think she was involved in both honeytrapping Kurt Cobain, lying about him, and deliberately taking him down, and that she did the same thing to Chris Newman as well. She seems to be very tied into California-style CIA witchy occult attitudes. She seems very tied into the entertainment industry. One of the things she’s doing has been brokering deals for negative reports on Chris, me, and others – deals involving gifts, cash, professional opportunities. I think she sees herself as being very powerful – as a killer – because she is backed by global finance and the CIA (including their weaponized hospital system) and I think she has also weaponized the FBI. I believe she is linked to Whitey Bulger finance and creating routes to success for musicians based on their willingness to stick to the back-stabbing script.

The counter narrative, where people disparage Courtney, looks to me at this time like a put on. It’s a cover, and it actually worked really well on me, because people who complained about Courtney, when questioned, often didn’t have much solid to say to back it up. This had the effect, initially, of making me empathize with her. Courtney was being unfairly targeted, I thought. She was being scapegoated. Now I think the whole thing is deception. Whether people like her or not doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they stick to their part of the script. Sometimes the script calls for disparaging Courtney, sometimes it calls for praising and defending her. In reality she’s a ring leader, and what happened to Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith, and others involved many, many people who now believe themselves to be dependent on Courtney Love for their own protection. By protection, I mean continued deception, and access to corrupt finance.

There seems to be layers of deception and the training of people to “sleep” on command (assume another personality, pretend to know nothing, etc) – probably helps facilitate this. The reality is that Courtney’s butterfly army is always in danger of meeting a bug zapper, and I really don’t think that bothers Courtney much at all. The following is from my point of view, not even a slight exaggeration: Courtney Love seems to be a person who cares only about money. She is a person who literally does not care about human life. She is, in fact, a person who gains a sense of power knowing she has the ability to take someone out, and she loves to let people know this. She’s done it again and again and again.

Financed mobs, butterflies, and the murder-by-suicide of Kurt Cobain by CIA/FBI

Kurt Cobain shot himself in his greenhouse on April 5, 1994. His body was discovered on April 8. But it’s clear the suicide was captured via hidden surveillance devices that surround all “butterflies” or subjects of trauma-based and frequency-based mind control research as he was, I am, my daughter is, everyone around me is, Chris was, and Courtney Love is. I can give evidence for all of this. In addition, with both Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, there are a lot of parallels between their early lives and mine. These parallels could shed light on centers of mind control activities, and/or related finance.

These “experiments” are really financed games played with people’s lives. People are treated like dolls or objects. Human avatars. Some, like Courtney Love, seem to accept their role in the mess and play it like it’s a hand that’s dealt. Others, like me, and I would say also Kurt Cobain, resist. Still others, like Chris, can’t even see that it’s happening at all. That probably has to do with what kinds of opportunities are or are not offered offered, the personality of any given person, social/familial engineering, and how frequencies are used to manipulate each person’s body and brain by those wielding the weapons.

With regards to Courtney Love, I started out believing she was a sympathetic character who wanted to subvert this system. This was shown to be deception. The longer this goes on, the less sympathetic I find her. It’s not like I wasn’t warned, but those warning me could never quite articulate what they were warning me about. “Courtney Love wrote in her diaries she’s going to fuck the Chris Newman, the guitar god.” What does that mean, exactly?

I know that she’s behind financing slander to get people killed. I think it’s because she’s scared of exposing herself, and yes, her role in the takedown of Kurt Cobain. She was an adversarial honeytrap, but has been trying to play it otherwise. And all the Nick Broomfield “Kurt & Courtney” stuff, and the associated online mobs, is misdirection. Love never tried to pay anyone to murder Kurt Cobain because she wouldn’t have had to, and because she was never the mastermind of the situation. That mastermind is the CIA/FBI. Also, Courtney Love is only one player on a very large field full of are lots of little monsters to reckon with. People who are trained to live this way – selling salacious stories to the FBI, getting their “friends” killed, and pretending they loved them all along. In Chris’ case, the situation was, from my perspective, particularly obscene, with memorials held at Satanic-themed venues, like Faillace’s clubs, that helped finance Chris’ murder.