The crime landscape

The first thing to know is Chris and I were both deceived our whole lives, by everyone around us. It’s clear that our parents were lured, brainwashed, or otherwise convinced to participate in the deception going back, probably to before we were born. Based on how I’ve seen the boomer adults behave, I get the impression they were convinced that it was some kind of “special” thing to bring up their children in a trauma based mind control system. They are proud of it.

Proud of enslaving their own children. This is confusing to me, but maybe they too were deceived.

All while we had no clue what was going on, people positioned themselves around us strategically, planning out the crime of the century, much of which, apparently involved set ups, medical malfeasance, and scripting and filing false reports to the FBI. They sabotaged our efforts to marry and constantly lobbed traps and set ups at us. They took illegal surveillance and peddled it as “porn,” then used it as leverage for control and psychological abuse. No one prevented this. No one protected us. No one even acted like we had rights.

That I began to uncover something odd with Chris’ music history in 2013 was likely no accident. There’s reasons to suspect the entire thing was orchestrated through the mind control system, with the idea of killing Chris and I off via false reports to the weaponized FBI/CIA, collecting spoils, and continuing the crime indefinitely. Meanwhile, I was writing emails to music journalists, writers, trying to figure out why there were so many holes in people’s stories, and not accepting the deflection and weak excuses they were offering. They didn’t like that. They wanted me to swallow the lies and shut up.

The deception has not ended. People are still sticking to the same stories they’ve held onto for decades, even though it’s clear the stories are full of holes.

I am continually re-examining the take-down I experienced while seeking legal advice in January 2014, because it involved so many people, so much finance, and so many moving parts. Mind control technologies were involved. Sub Pop artists seem to have been involved. Courtney Love seems to have been involved. Doctors were involved. My mother was involved. Family friends were involved. I don’t see any evidence that anyone but me, Chris, and my daughter have bore the direct consequences of theses crimes, though I think millions of people have experienced indirect consequences.

For every crime committed that goes unaddressed, the crime organization seems to gain exponentially more power. That is why I say I will fight it until my last breath or until the crime has ended and the crime organization has been shut down.