Psychology and the show of power

The psychology around this crime is incredibly sophisticated, while at the same time, at times, being very blunt. For example, a tremendous amount of this is basically carrots (bribes, “gifts,” and other temptations) and sticks (threats, physical attacks, including attacks through implant networks, psychological attacks, professional sabotage, threats to family members). Retaliation is often swift and obvious (though not usually objectively demonstrable). The financing of malfeasance is blatant, and a lot of times this is flaunted.

I am in a situation right now where I have multiple potential lawsuits, while simultaneously, my rights are being infringed every day. I just spent a few minutes conducting legal inquiries and the first thing that happened was my phone kept switching to show information about my daughter – implied threats to my daughter. This was done remotely, meaning it had to come from the FBI, CIA, or someone who works with them.

The next thing that happened was my phone ringer was remotely turned off. Then, when I tried to return calls regarding the legal matters, the connection was disrupted. Next, my cat, Roxy, was attacked with directed energy attacks, and finally, I was attacked in the lungs.

This was all from doing initial inquiries with attorneys. And I believe it all came from the FBI and/or CIA infiltrated, paid off, and co-opted by corporate powers. The retaliations involve extreme surveillance that should not be happening and very high tech weaponry.

I always have to question whether it’s productive to actually call attention to these things. If there were a functional system of accountability, calling attention to these issues would prevent them from happening. There is no accountability, and reporting retaliatory behavior so far does not usually prevent or stop it. Then it becomes even more a type of power flaunting. “Look at what we can get away with in plain sight.”

There is a potential problem with their approach and that is that one day there may in fact be accountability. Whether or not that happens depends on people refusing to be controlled by carrots or sticks, and instead focused on doing what is ethically and legally proper. In particular, it depends on those who are positioned (and in some cases legally obligated) to help, to step in and take action against malfeasance, constitutional rights violations, murder, abuse, theft, and graft.