Regarding the number 13

Number 13 is the Death card in the Tarot deck, and I think to most people, this is the meaning of 13. However, you don’t hear this explicitly discussed much if at all. The numerology around this situation seems to be widely known and covered up. The numerology and other related symbols are seen in seals, including the US seal which seems to “obsess” over the number 13 and linked numbers (like 76).

US seal front (showing eagle) and reverse (showing pyramid with floating eye)
US seal features 13 stripes, 13 stars, 13 arrows
1700s Tarot card 13

Chris found himself attracted to the numbers 11 and 13. He died at exactly 11:33pm, and that was neither magic nor coincidence – it was because he was murdered in an occult manner. He was 56 (5+6=11) years old when we got together and 67 when he died (6+7=13). He told me that he was attracted to the numbers 11 and 13 because they came up so often in his life. I later saw that this was true. It’s not surprising.

Chris also tended to like spooky stuff – but it was not because he was evil or into black magic or anything like that. Quite the opposite – Chris not only wasn’t into the occult, but he seemed to be unable to identify others who were into it. When I figured out that the Rider Waite Tarot deck could be used as a way to decode some of the numerology being used around us he wanted nothing to do with it. He didn’t even want to know about it. It’s tempting to explain this psychologically when it was more likely a visceral reaction brought on by mind control technology. He explained it by saying that his religious upbringing eschewed everything Tarot related as the work of the devil – but that explanation doesn’t really jive with his generally open minded approach to life. Clearly, the idea of looking closely at the Tarot was triggering to him. What is less clear is why it was triggering. If I had to guess, I’d say it was direct frequencies to the brain. And I’d say that’s why Chris never could see the bigger picture around him – direct frequencies to his brain.

What I find even more intriguing is what Chris thought the number 13 meant – because in fact I thought the exact same thing. We both thought that 13 was code for “marijuana” – because M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. In his song “Bong Hit” (written late 1985) Chris sings “13 is my bag” – and by that he meant a bag of marijuana. No hidden meanings relating to captivity or death were intended.

Chris didn’t know why he thought 13 was code for marijuana but I know why I did. My dad (like Chris) had been into 1960s underground publications, and had kept some of these stashed around our home when I was growing up. There was an old foot locker (black and white checkerboard design on the outside) that I opened up one day and it was full of all these old newspapers and zines. There were various issues of the Berkeley Barb from about 1967-1970, and a few copies of the LA Free Press and even a couple copies of the Village Voice all going back to the late 1960s, maybe up to 1970 or 71. I read all of this stuff cover to cover. There were advertisements in these publications and one advertisement in particular was for a t-shirt with a character that looked like the illustration from zig zag rolling papers, along with the number 13. I remember staring at this illustration and thinking – “why 13?” – then figuring out that M was the 13th letter of the alphabet, and since zig zag papers back then were usually associated with marijuana, I decided that 13 must be code for marijuana. This would have been around 1982, me reading a newspaper from the late 1960s.

I will say that I’ve never run into anyone else that I know of who had that idea – that number 13 was code for marijuana – until I met Chris.

Was “13” ever code for marijuana? I have no idea.

I suspect that the advertisement I was looking at in those underground papers actually had a different agenda. That in fact the 13 always meant death – and that in this case, death was being associated with the idea of a “zig zag” – going back and forth, up and down – in other words, not really progressing. It’s similar to the idea of a spinning disc or a spiral (groovy!). And maybe along with this was this idea that a person could be sabotaged by being introduced to marijuana (which was seen as a gateway drug, etc). The idea was to keep us (Chris and me) in place long enough to kill us with frequency-based technology which has been in use as a cancer/murder weapon for over 100 years now. That this is a financially sponsored activity, which the CIA was behind.

I’ve said before, I think that 1960s drug culture was invented – and it definitely was exploited – by the occult-linked CIA.