Valarie’s text, my response – May 2021

Here’s Valarie’s final attempt to bait Chris, accusing him of “punishing” her because he hasn’t been responding to each of her multitudinous text messages. The real point of this message seems to be to smear me (“my very existence on this earth upsets erika…. I’m not allowed to see you in person”) as I would learn later, when she created a Go Fund Me to contest his will, making the false claim that I abused Chris and prevented him from seeing loved ones. Other women wrote to him, seemingly working from the exact same script, including Roxcee, Rachelle, and Kate. The script was, Erika has blocked Chris from outside contact. The idea behind it seems to have been to paint me as an abusive controller – which is actually what they were doing – at the behest, I believe, of someone else.

It is really a bit much to accuse someone of treating you like an “enemy” because while dying of cancer, you’ve failed to answer a few text messages.

If Chris had better boundaries, he’d have stopped responding to her ages ago, but that’s just my opinion. I never tried to force him to stop responding to Valarie. That’s not the way I am.

After years of holding my tongue, I sent the following messages on May 9, 22 hours before Chris died. Valarie’s one and only reply, and her final direct communication with me, was the crow sent ten days later.