The name Lola can be decoded, I think, as “left hole left architect” or probably more straightforwardly, “left hole L.A.” – intent to kill (drop through a hole) the left side (Chris and me) architected and/or financed by Los Angeles (entertainment industry) via the vehicle of false reports to the FBI (Op Anne Boleyn).

Broken Flowers "Lola"

I started to think about this as a possible link to the character of Lolita aka Lola in Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers. Broken Flowers is a movie about characters around Chris and me. Both that character, Lola, and her mother, evoke Courtney Love as a teenager and as a widow, respectively. There is a “Yard Sale” sign in their yard. Yard sales or things left in yards are a theme in the movie. Right after they meet, and before the mother arrives, teenage Lola walks naked in front of the character, Don Johnston, played by Bill Murray, casually chatting on her phone.

Later, while they’re eating dinner, Lola guzzles wine and her mother comments “doesn’t her head look like a pineapple?”

This movie drops a lot of clues. This may be a clue as to who was behind the teenage honeytrap scenario – possibly that it was linked to Los Angeles.

The earrings worn by Lola are hearts with holes in the middle, similar to the mouth shape under the MGM Lion.

MGM Lion
Bergdorf Goodman trench coat and boots
Bergdorf Goodman trench coat and boots