A comment on the band name Snow Bud and the Flower People

The band name is Snow Bud and the Flower People. Snow Bud is two words. It is not Snowbud and it is definitely not Sno-Bud. I will tell you how I know this. I asked Chris.

It’s understandable how one would make the mistake of calling the band Snowbud (one word) in part because Chris’ font choices sometimes made it look like one word – and in fact maybe there were times he wrote the band name as one word on his cassettes as he was forming the band – which he really didn’t take that seriously. But this whole “Sno-Bud” think is taking liberties. I see this band listed as “Sno-Bud” a lot – for example, on Satyricon calendars. Where you don’t see it is in Chris’ own work. At least I never have seen him write the band name that way, and like I said – when I asked him – he told me what his band was called, and how it was spelled.

It may have been done in part as a play off of “Sho-Bud” – a type of pedal steel guitar. But whatever the idea was behind this, it seems to have come from Jan Celt, not Chris. And Chris clearly didn’t raise a stink over it, as he tended not to assert himself over these kinds of things. However, had he been asked, he would have told Jan – or anyone who asked – what his band was called.

I don’t think this was really a mistake. I think it was a demonstration of how Chris could be manipulated.

Inconstancies like this can cause confusion and problems in databases.