Photos by Rozz Rezabek

Rozz used to take lots of photos, at household gatherings, at shows – back in the MySpace days, and post them to his page. I thought he did a good job and saved a lot of his photos. Almost all of them have gone missing. There was a photo from New Years Eve 2006 or 07 where he had me pose holding balloons in front of a Kazan “Baby Doll” poster. There was a photo where he had me pose holding a guitar in one of his “Psycho Bitch” t-shirts – he’d make these shirts with homemade stencils and cans of spray paint. They’d have the words “psycho bitch” and often also stencils of pills or wine glasses. He gave these shirts out to his friends and took photos of us in them. And he took other photos and like I said, all the photos seem to have gone missing save one or two.

Here’s one that didn’t go missing, and here’s a match.

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