Another moment of reflection

Every once in a while I have to stand back and look at what the heck is going on here.

Initially, back in 2014, when I started I thought I was writing about an artist who had been unfairly ignored, or who may have burned some of his own bridges during a period of drug addiction. It didn’t take long for me to see signs of something far weirder going on. The response to this was, from the community and industry linked people alike, steadfast denial and pushback – including covert but violent – and ultimately deadly – pushback.

Nonetheless, people have a right to their own legacy, the fruits of their own artistic output, and the right not to be victims of crime, regardless of who the perpetrators are. Also, it became clear that if I did not push forward, the erasing machine would complete its task and not only Chris’ life, but his legacy and memory would be completely wiped. And that’s exactly opposite of what he wanted. He wanted to reach people with his art. He was tricked by what he saw as the community’s threat to withdraw what little support he enjoyed, and to shame him (or me) for expecting or wanting more recognition or reward than he had already received. Now this was all real, it was all scripted, and it was all coordinated as part of this plan to keep Chris sealed away in his corner, which they did, and that is where he was murdered.

Meanwhile, there are efforts out there to tell stories around Chris, but not in any way that will challenge the dominant narrative or have any kind of lasting influence. These are in publications that could easily disappear. Everything is designed to self destruct and disappear at a moment’s notice, and that is what had been going on.

It can be helpful to look at how these narratives are constructed. In fact, it can be helpful to look at how rock n’ roll narratives generally speaking are constructed. It’s increasingly clear these are almost always fairy tales which are concocted to teach people what to expect from artists, or from their own experience, or from the industry, should they wish to take this route. This is part of the financed cult-and-control system set up around celebrities.

Chris’ invisibility was concocted, not real. In fact, Chris was one of the most highly visible artists, but only in a covert manner which meant that he could not even see it himself, much less profit from it. Within this realm, Chris was highly controlled. A lot of this control was linked to CIA MKULTRA related research and technology – cult behaviors, mountains of drugs, hypnosis, lies, frequency based weapons, industry-wide blacklisting.

There are a limited number of scripts to work from with these rock narratives, and the fact that there are scripts at all is evidence of a coverup – or multiple coverups. This is one of those big crimes that is made of lots of smaller ones. The scripts include The Ugly Duckling, The Tale of Redemption, The Cautionary Tale, The Tale of Too Much Too Soon, etc. These are used to cover up CRIME.

The ugly duckling is someone who’s brilliance is not seen or appreciated at first, but then they bloom later on. The tale of redemption is a story about someone who gets set onto the wrong track and is headed for a fall but something or someone rescues the person and/or they are otherwise saved from destruction. The cautionary tale is the person who took the wrong road and didn’t survive (this is a tale that’s been pushed onto Chris and which he at times would internalize), and too much too soon is the concocted and often repeated story of Kurt Cobain. Of course, these tales get mixed up and combined in different ways – for example, Too Much Too Soon can either become the Tale of Redemption or the Cautionary Tale, depending on which direction it takes; the Ugly Duckling is a starter tale which can branch out into different directions, etc. And there are probably other scripts as well, the point being that these are scripts which are imposed onto artists – they are not reality.

And why would there be scripts like this? The primary reason, I’m beginning to think, is to cover up crime. Secondarily, perhaps the creators of these scripts think that they have some kind of timeless take home message or moral for the kids. But these scripts are weak, and more importantly, false.

Celebrities are presented to us for consumption like Roman Gods – larger than life, yet fallibly human.

I do believe that Chris Newman is a thread that when pulled sufficiently, threatens to unravel the entire celebrity system.