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“Psychic pain”

Script keepers are crypt keepers, and crypt keepers are script keepers.

Those of us who have biomedical implants, like Kurt Cobain did, have abilities that can appear to be psychic. The mind – all parts of the brain – literally wirelessly controlled. That’s how relapses are forced, or people are made fat, or skinny, or even suicidal.

he said really i just wanna dance
good and evil matched perfect it’s a great romance
i can deal with some psychic pain
if it’ll slow down my higher brain
veins full of disappearing ink
vomiting in the kitchen sink
disconnecting from the missing link
this is not my life
it’s just a fond farewell to a friend
it’s not what i’m like
it’s just a fond farewell to a friend
who couldn’t get things right…

Elliott Smith, “Fond Farewell” Basement on A Hill 2004

April 9, 1994 – New York Times – medical “incompetence” and cancer drug warning – FBI investigates whether KGB recruited US official

I said earlier I thought I’d find things alluding to Cobain’s suicide in the days after the suicide and before his body was “found,” and I did. But these items that are in the same issue as his obituary are standing out to me right now. It’s the involvement of the medical systems. Cobain, like Chris Newman, was killed by a weaponized medical system. “Famous Blue Raincoat” Aunt Marge is part of that system.

The nastiness of the community around this – and make no mistake – people have been NASTY about Cobain – is likely part of this system as well. Folks around here, likely under the influence of biomedical mind control, often pretend to love, respect, admire the same people they sacrifice, with lies, to the FBI/CIA/hospital weapons globally-financed assassination system. It’s pretty atrocious.