So Sgt Pepper took you by surprise

Earlier today I did a post about thread that developed on a Northwest Music Archive Facebook page based on an inquiry I’d made, and how several of my posts – posts asking important questions – were deleted and the thread shut down by a moderator. There is a whole thing with me getting shut down on music history online communities worth deeper exploration. But anyway, I thought, what the heck, I’ll try again.

This time I posted something about my family’s links to Hendrix. There have been plenty of other posts about Hendrix and lots of personal reminiscence on the site so I thought maybe it would be ok. But no dice. It posted momentarily, was immediately pulled and put into “pending” and then it was deleted.

Fortunately, I kept a record. Here is what I had posted:

“One more thin gypsy thief” – A photo of Aunt Marge in the Canturbury Inn, Ocean Shores, Washington, probably right around Christmas 1970. She was a nurse at Swedish Hospital, as was my Grandma Helen. Through the 1980s had a time share at Canturbury, and one at the Polynesian Resort next door.

My Grandpa Harold was a counselor at Garfield High School for decades. He was Jimi Hendrix’s high school counselor. He kicked Jimi out of school for truancy. Seemed to know the Hendrix family, but was never interviewed for any books. The photo of Aunt Marge was always kept in a photo album with a lock of my hair in an envelope marked “Sept 1970”

Of Jimi Hendrix’s return to Garfield High School in 198, my grandpa said, “all I can say is he looked very sleepy.”

So what exactly was wrong with this post?