When did Courtney become “Courtney Love”?

Over the years I’ve read books or watched TV shows about Courtney Love, so think I know the basic structure of the primary conflicting narratives – I just can’t really say exactly where the information came from.

I can say that Chris said remembered her name in 1981 as Courtney Meneley. There are a number of last names associated with Courtney because her mother married several times. It seems weird for the kids to change their last name so much but 60s counterculture hippies could be weird about families and names.

Nowadays I think most people consider her original name to be Courtney Michelle Harrison (that’s what it says right now on her Wikipedia page). I think that shortly before I was blocked from the Pacific Northwest Music archives page someone had posted a Maximum Rock and Roll column she’d written about Poison Idea that she signed as Courtney Michelle.

There is conflict about where “Love” came from. Some stories claim that Rozz Rezabek gave her the name, with the context being, that they would be drinking tea and affecting British mannerisms and he would say “Courtney, love, please bring me the sugar” or something like that. Elsewhere it may have been claimed that “Love” was her official middle name and was on her birth certificate. I think all of this may be misdirection. I think she’s been called “Love” since she was an infant or toddler. The reason I think that is because I saw it indicated pretty strongly in her mother’s memoir “Her Mother’s Daughter.” It was said indirectly, and it was said in the same context – “Courtney, Love…” as a quote, mother speaking to her toddler aged daughter driving through San Francisco. Although it’s possible this was also misdirection I feel like it’s less likely for this to be misdirection because first, it was fairly subtle, and second, I don’t know why her mother would be particularly motivated to lie about this, at least not in this way.

Here is why it matters.

Since everything is in coded language, and since it’s increasingly clear that Courtney was selected and trained for a special role going back to a very young age, you would expect to see links to her, or referencing about her in music and media going back to her childhood, because that is the pattern. (Roxy’s being tortured right now – her ears feel very hot.)

The name “Love” is the perfect fodder for this, because you can work it easily into songs and so forth. And when you start thinking about that, it opens up a whole new range of understanding songs, especially if you start to think about all the signs pointing to links between Courtney Love and the Beatles.

My understanding is that Courtney Love lived in the Napalm Beach band house in the first half of 1981. Then she flew to England, and I think Ireland, and she was in Liverpool. She has made references to Beatles in her songs – so were the Beatles sometimes referencing her? Consider All You Need Is Love (which begins with the French national anthem)

What I’m saying is, I think that it appears to me that Courtney Love, a honey trap, butterfly commander, witch, and ringleader – has been acting on behalf of the recording industry.

Within the occult system, everything light is subverted into something dark. The word “love” is dissected, I believe, into its components (coded letters) – hiding the hole. Like a booby trap.