recent retaliations linked to music

It’s really tempting to fall down into one of these endless occult rabbit holes especially when the Grateful Dead (aka Courtney Love, Whitey Bulger, and various motorcycle gangs) gets involved. That’s the tar pit trap, the light falling like sticky honey, the amber (waves of grain) and all that jazz.

The reality is the crime. The occult is part of the confusion, brainwashing, cover up.

I finished writing two blog entries about this, under duress (because while I don’t like giving it attention, ignoring the occult parts of this doesn’t make it go away), and then turned toward the ceaseless business of saving Chris’ music from the relentless wiping machine. Immediately once I started to do that, my cat Roxy began to suffer terribly from directed energy attacks, shaking her head, twitching, screaming in pain. She’s still suffering. Her ears, scabbed over again and again, are freshly bleeding. I’m livid.

The facts really point to the big deal being the theft and destruction wrought by the recording industry (and secondarily other industries) and their weaponization of the forces of state to this end – the FBI and CIA.

This adds more fuel to this scheme built around honeytrap Courtney Love and her involvement in the take down of Kurt Cobain being a sort of insurance policy for the recording industry (and CIA). The reason is that Kurt and Courtney were married when he died, and she inherited the money he made. Yes, she’s since passed most of it on to their daughter, almost certainly as a means to protect it should Courtney be sued for damages for some of the offenses she’s been involved in. A secondary reason for Courtney to hold on to this system of theft and protection is she can avoid facing accountability for her role in these murder for hire schemes.

Courtney positioned herself as a controller in an occult system. In order to do this, it appears that she had to claim some special role regarding Chris Newman, is what I think. Maybe she had to claim some sexual relationship?

The reason I think this is because the honeytraps I dated seem to have gained a lot of power with regards to me, almost like ownership roles. This whole thing is so ridiculous and depraved it almost makes me choke trying to even talk about it. It’s disgusting, frankly. Anyone who truly buys into this is probably basically in a cult and thinking in a cultlike manner, meaning they’ll swallow almost anything. And that is dangerous.

I have decided to put some attention into Napalm Beach’s first four albums – before Chris began to sign – on the advice of “friends” and other around him – horrible, fraudulent deals with Flying Heart Records (a honeytrap label). To this end, I began to create some promotional materials in an attempt to fundraise to get some important work done. I was working on Adobe Creative Cloud, saving files to the cloud. Suddenly everything started to hang, then my computer restarted, seemingly all on its own. After it rebooted – hours of saved work was gone from the cloud accounts.

Also, yesterday, I discovered evidence my bandcamp accounts had been compromised. The album Rock and Roll Hell has two missing songs. I went to CD Baby, where we do digital distribution, and found the album had been cancelled from digital distribution. I did not cancel this album. I then went back to my archives, and found the original CD is also missing. This is evidence of the music industry weaponizing the FBI, because I believe it is the FBI and/or CIA who regularly enters my apartment, hacks my online accounts, harms me physically, and tortures my cat.

Before this, for days on end, this song has been in my head, which turns out to be from Rock n’ Roll Hell, called “Never Forgive.” I’m not sure what the reason is for this song coming to me, but one of the lines that I kept thinking of was “remember down in New Orleans, you ran around with the dogs.” The two songs that were missing from that album were “Down In New Orleans” and “Too Much Fun.”

“Never Forgive” was a song that Chris wrote aimed at his child molesting boy scout leader Uncle Arnold.