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Chris was murdered

Chris went into the hospital on January 5, 2021 and he died on May 9, 2021. This was all well over a year ago now. I had known for years that our lives were in danger, and expressed it publicly several times both on my YouTube channel and my Twitter account. I also knew that there had been a pattern of untimely deaths in the music communities in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco – all communities where Chris had lived and performed – and had tried to draw attention to that. May 22, 2019 I told the FBI that our lives were in danger. They said “probably wouldn’t” investigate. Two weeks later, Chris was hospitalized with heart failure.

But Chris didn’t die from heart failure. And even though he had terminal cancer, he didn’t die from that either. In fact his heart and/or breathing was remotely stopped, and that is how he died. But the heart failure and the cancer were both medical conditions that were deliberately created and, I believe, deliberately neglected by Providence Hospital, at the behest of the FBI, until it was too late to do anything.

I’d known the basics of this from the moment of Chris’ diagnosis, because of what I’d been observing for years, and because of the information that had been passed to me. But I was working with more than just hunches, suspicions, and (wirelessly transmitted) information pulled out of the air. There was other evidence as well.

When Chris died at 11:33pm on May 9, 2021, I knew it was a murder, but I didn’t call the police to report it as a murder, at least not that night. The following July 15-16, however, I did try to report his death as a murder. The police, however, refused to take a report.

Why I didn’t initially report the death as a murder, and why I changed my mind two months later requires some explaining. It’s clear to me now that all of these details – how I knew that Chris was murdered, and why I didn’t report it at first, need to be put in writing, because the longer this goes on, the more likely it is that details will be forgotten and otherwise lost.

Also, I am in all the same danger that Chris was in, that we both have been in for years. Since 2014 I had been trying every way I knew to get us out of this situation, to get us out of danger and it seems that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t make any progress. I’m still trying, but I also realize that no matter what, I also have to try to document everything.

It wasn’t until Chris was sick that I was made to understand that the CIA has been involved in this all along. I’d already figured the FBI was involved, simply because I’d tried to report different aspects of the crime to them so many times, telling them I had evidence, and they kept ignoring me. In 2019 when I was experiencing a lot of wireless attacks to my heart, and trying to get the FBI to investigate the wireless signals I’d detected coming from my heart, I recall an agent saying “goodbye, Erika” with a decisive tone, as if she expected me to die. others were doing the same thing, around time, and I couldn’t understand why.

It was only after Chris died that it started to come out to me that the FBI had been maintaining some kind of secret reporting system (“FBI files”); that people who we may or may not have known over the years had been filing “reports”; and that – to the best of my understanding – Chris was tortured to death because of what was in those reports, and the attacks I’m experiencing are also because of what is in those reports. That the attacks themselves are being carried out by the CIA with a variety of wireless weaponry. That hospitals, including Providence Hospital system and PettyGrove Medical center, are involved in this. That TV broadcast towers (KVIQ, KGW) are involved in this. That drones are involved in this. That weapons have also been placed in spaces adjacent to our apartment, either wirelessly operated, or operated by neighbors.

Behind all of this is a web of global finance, a longstanding pattern of corrupt behaviors, backroom deals, coercion, threats, blackmail. It’s so big that the patterns around it are obvious. It only exists because of the participation and cover up within all branches of the US government, and because so far, civic leaders, medical professionals, citizens, and journalists/publications are willing to cover it up, either out of fear, or for pay/favors, or all of the above. Nonetheless, there’s always a chance that one or more individuals will see the big picture, and the writing on the wall as to where this accelerating murder and malfeasance rampage will go if it isn’t stopped as quickly and decisively as possible, and find a way to come forward before things get too much worse.



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