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Untimely Deaths

Below is embedded a long thread I started in July 2020, trying to call attention to what I consider to be an unreasonably large number of untimely deaths of musicians in the Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco music scenes (of the 1980s, 1990s, mostly). I was trying to pound the alarm, basically, and put a stop to what I knew were not random events.

Little did I know that less than a year later, Chris would be gone, and less than two years later, Sam Henry would also be gone. These deaths, even though they are from cancers, heart attacks, car crashes – are murders.

Since Chris died, I see that misinformation has come out about, not just his death, but about his life. Reviewing his Wikipedia page the other day, I felt that I shouldn’t just let what I knew to be either false information, or gaping holes in the true information (he died of cancer, but it was still murder) – stand completely unchallenged.

In June 2021 I spent about two days straight attempting to report Chris’ death to Portland Police as a murder, and they spent two days avoiding and/or discounting me, refusing to even take a report, much less open an investigation. In fact, I have a lot of information supporting the fact that Chris was murdered, and that many people were involved.

Nonetheless, as time goes by, and people continue to die from these same kinds of financed, slander-instigated, wireless attacks, I think it is actually important that the true story is supported and brought forward until it at the very least becomes part of the narrative.



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