Message to and from Mark Lanegan

I’ll be criticized for publishing this, because these were private messages, and because I’m criticized for doing anything and everything, especially when what I’m doing threatens to expose people who’s cover for crime is misdirection and silence. This is a message from Chris Newman to Mark Lanegan, and Lanegan’s response. Comments following.

Twitter message from Chris Newman to Mark Lanegan

Chris never saw the response. I found it, unread, after Chris died.

Lanegan died in Ireland 2/22/22 (1 year + 3 days after he wrote this response to Chris, apparently of Covid-19, but I believe that like Chris Newman, Sam Henry, Steve Hanford, Tom Roberts, Fred Cole, Andrew Loomis, Elliott Smith, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Andrew Wood, Mia Zapata, Kurt Cobain, Kristin Pfaff, Stephanie Sargent, Jimi Hendrix, and so many others, Lanegan – a butterfly – was assassinated by the CIA/FBI via wirelessly accessed piezo-electrical biomedical implants

Again, these assassinations are not so much secret as covered up, being as the victims seem to be chosen based on community informants, and it appears that these informants get together to decide who to target in this way, and they are financed in this endeavor from a variety of corporate sources.

“You look good in my dress
I’ll get your friends to clean the mess
You look good in my clothes
I can feel you where the doctor goes..”
– Courtney Love (Hole) “Beautiful Son”

Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain wearing dresses

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