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Music Industry Issues (Part 3) Big Black Monsoon

This version of Napalm Beach’s Pugsley was recorded and released on cassette in 1983.

Napalm Beach – Pugsley (original version)

Nirvana released Lithium on their breakout album Nevermind, September 1991.

Nirvana – Lithium

PJ Harvey’s Meet Ze Monsta was released on To Bring You My Love in February 1995.

PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Monsta (Live)

Big Black was the name of Steve Albini’s band. Albini was the engineer/producer for Nirvana’s final album, In Utero (1993).

Napalm Beach – Pugsley – 1984

Napalm Beach PUGSLEY transfer from the original 4-TRACK DIY album on cassette, FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 or high-quality sound files) on bandcamp! CLICK HERE!!! DO IT! THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!!
Napalm Beach - Pugsley - 1984

This album was recorded in drummer Sam Henry’s mother’s garage on 4-track and distributed on cassette, mostly at shows, in Portland and Seattle. Thank you Jeff Larson of Sonic Recollections, Portland, Oregon for buying this cassette in 1985, and digitizing it in 2011.