Blue Gallery, Elliott Smith, Sean Croghan

Blue Gallery

June 10, 1989

From Chris’ memoirs – Napalm Beach played Blue Gallery a couple of times. The club felt competetive with Satyricon. Blue Gallery owner Tim Brooks was the local champion for the sub-underground snobbery embraced today by the Olympia K records scene. It was his job to dismiss bands like the Jackals and Napalm Beach as worthless bar bands berift of art and unworthy of consideration. Brooks felt like his little bar was the true music mecca. He claimed the Satyricon was over run with ripped blue jeaned blues based junky bands. Sean Crogan of Crackerbash was Tim Brook’s friend and shared his sentiments. Croghan also played and promoted the X-Ray cafe, an all ages downtown venue run by his highschool pal Tres Shannon now of Voodoo Doughnuts fame.

Note: Blue Gallery was circa 1988-1992
Tim Brooks died of lung cancer in 2004 at age 48

poster for Tabasco Tim's acoustic showcase with Elliott Smith, Chris Newman, Sean Crogan, Birddog, Jerry Ann + special guests
July 5, 1995

Elliott Smith and Sean Croghan

I was playing an acoustic showcase with Elliot Smith and Sean Croghan at the Egyptian club (July 5, 1995). Croghan insisted he and Smith play first to the small crowd. I was on fire and excited to play with Elliot (sic) there. Before I could play my first chord, I saw Croghan pull Elliot out the door, sending me the message that I wasn’t worth listening to.

I have enemies in my little town of Portland, but the real problem fuckers are in neighboring Seattle and Olympia. If they continue to have their way, I will stay written out of the Northwest history of Rock n Roll Music!

I know the competition is based around the fact that I outshine most mediocre artists. I have put years of work into my passion. These days the DIY culture encourage the young to get out there and do it.

I hear some great stuff now and then. I do believe there are things more important than musicianship in this craft. You have to retain a sense of humor and to trust your gut feeling on everything. That is God’s voice speaking to you, I believe.