As I’ve mentioned earlier Bundy Creature was, according to Vogue booking agent Claudia Gherke (aka Mardi Claw, Claude Lemon, etc), a special band put together to celebrate her birthday. There’s a poster online for her 27th birthday on 25 August 1987 at The Vogue, where Napalm Beach headlined, and the 3bands3bucks website shows that Bundy Creature played again (at Squid Row) on Claudia’s 28th birthday in 1988 this time with Snow Bud and Girl Trouble. Those are the only times, so far, I see Bundy Creature appearing on a show listing. However, somewhere in the collection of flyers I’ve downloaded over the past week, on a flyer for one of Chris’ bands, Bundy Creature is listed, but in a way that makes it seem like they’re a booking agent or promoter – something like “Bundy Creature presents.” (If/when I find the flyer I’ll post it here.)

I also mentioned earlier that Bundy creature must have been a reference to serial killer Ted Bundy, but I realize now that Married With Children was on television by early 1987, featuring the anti-hero protagonist shoe salesman Ted Bundy. Meaning the Bundy creature may be a reference to serial killing AND shoe selling.

A question I have is did Bundy Creature ever show up on a bill that did not also involve one of Chris’ bands?

I continue to be a bit fascinated by who in Bundy Creature Claudia chose to name – Jack Endino and Tad Doyle – and who she decided to leave mysterious – “very now famous members of soundgarden… some mudhoney”

It would actually be really easy for me to ask someone who knows who was in this band I guess but I’m not in the mood to put people on the spot right now.

The reason why I’m a bit focused on Bundy Creature is the timing of this August 25, 1987 birthday show with regards to the beginning of the Sub Pop Sundays showcase.

Claudia Facebook post on Aug 25, 1987
Claudia Facebook post on Aug 25, 1987