Penny and Pamela Courson

Penny Courson photo
Penny Courson

It is not clear to me why Pamela Courson or maybe moreso her mother Penny are significant but it seems like they are. Pamela Courson was Jim Morrison’s common law wife. Jim Morrison’s father was (according to Wikipedia) a rear admiral in the US Navy, and commanded U.S. naval forces during the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August 1964. Pamela Courson’s father, Corky, was a carrier pilot in the Navy during World War II who then became a teacher and administrator in Orange County, California. Jim Morrison died at age 27 in 1971, and Pamela Courson also died at age 27 in 1974. Pamela Courson’s mother, Penny, died at age 90, on Chris’ 61st birthday, July 11, 2014. Her maiden name was Schmidt – her father having been born in Vienna, Austria and her mother having been born in Chicago, Illinois.

North Curson Avenue, Los Angeles
North Curson Avenue, Los Angeles

That this family was significant in some way came to me while I was looking at an address on Curson Avenue in Los Angeles, with the sense that the significant part of this street is the part the ends in the hills, in an area called Cactus Canyon Trail.

By looking at the basic information around this family, I see a pattern, and an anomaly. Both of these are things I’ve learned to pay attention to. I know that the Navy is linked to frequency-based weaponry. That’s a pattern, and another pattern has to do with Chicago – maybe people from Chicago moving to the west coast – and another pattern has to do with Germany and Austria and older links to occult psychology or mind control, whatever you want to call it. Hypnosis, mesmerism, etc.

The anomaly I see is that Pamela Courson was born in 1946 in Weed, California. That is near Mt Shasta.

I said before that there’s a lot of misdirection and disinformation around the history of CIA mind control. I am aware that Mt Shasta is supposed to be the location of some secret research in this regard, and I suspect there’s some truth to it, but I also think that there are a lot of lies around it. Most of this stuff shows up on the Internet and then either disappears or is buried by Google.

Mt Shasta topographic map

Generally speaking, there does seem to be a pattern of weird or occult activities in California around certain mountains and/or military bases, and everywhere there are certain places that are linked by names. Names like Aurora, Evergreen, Edgewood, and Aberdeen seem to pop up again and again.

There is an area near Mt Shasta called Edgewood, and from my perspective, that’s as good evidence as any that there are mind control activities going on in the area.

The family may linked to finance from gangster activities. My experience is that it is often the people you least expect – in this case, a family of school teachers – who are most deeply involved in covert activities of this type. Actually, school teachers come up a lot.

The phrase “Pamela Courson FBI files” keeps coming to me – and “global snickbait gruber”

Taking a moment just to channel –

Stupid Annie snickbait gruber FBI files
Lemony MGM files
Lemony timpanicking CGI
Hopeful Annie Ssickbait CGA
Cancer causing timpanicking gruber CIA
Lemony Anne Bolyn files CFA CIA FBI files CFI
Lemony Anne Boleyn timpanicking gruber FLA
Global witchcraft gruber FBA
Snickbait indemnifier CIA
Hopeful Annie snickbait CDA