Whitey Bulger (part 2) Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger

There’s a stack of red envelopes
Thereā€²s a list of demands
The blood is on your hands
The blood is on your hands
The blood is on your hands

Walking Papers “Red Envelopes” 2013

As I mentioned earlier, I watched this film today, Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger (2014). I will say that I’m having an incredibly difficult time writing this entry as my cat is being tortured via biomedical implants, seeking comfort from me, biting my hands as I try to type. I have sent a cease and desist letter to the FBI over this, and I’ve filed a tort claims act, and the behavior has not stopped.

This movie was informative in the way it described how an organized crime group, Whitey Bulger’s Winter Hill Gang, was able to infiltrate and weaponize the FBI through the FBI’s own informant system. The FBI, for their part, seems to have attempted to cover this up by misconstruing how they were working with Bulger, even to the point of falsifying records (sounds familiar).

That said, there were clearly things the film makers knew about Bulger and the FBI but weren’t saying, except between the lines. As far as what I can discern about how Bulger was working with the FBI, is it seemed like he was using a system of informants who were feeding information to the FBI about rival groups like the Italian Mafia, thus weaponizing the FBI to take out his rivals and allowing his gang to fill the vacuum, but I think that what was also going on is that he was getting information from the FBI about – and possibly from – hidden listening devices, thus enabling him to get information about rival gangsters, and also enabling Bulger to stay a step ahead of non-corrupted forces within the FBI who were trying to gather evidence on criminal activities of the Winter Hill Gang. For their services, Bulger was regularly paying police and FBI officers, typically with cash in envelopes. And every Christmas, it sound like, he gave out bonuses.

Fatboy Slim ft Bootsy Collins
Weapon of Choice (2000)

That’s what was being said overtly. But there were things that were left out, and there was a lot of stuff left unsaid, but alluded to through the use of music and in interviews, through word choice. Based on that, I think that the gist is that Bulger’s relationship with the FBI was deeper than was being described here. What was being left out is that this relationship likely included the CIA and MKULTRA linked activities.

Bulger does seem to have told some truths about his history with the FBI and CIA, both, but not a full truth. No one ever seems to tell a full truth. Bulger apparently was a subject of CIA MKULTRA LSD-based “experiments” dating back to 1957. Based on descriptions of these experiments, I’m of the opinion that almost none of these experiments involved “just” LSD. They also involved frequency-based weapons systems, probably almost always. Similarly, every time I tried LSD, which was probably half a dozen times between the age of 18 and 23, I am now aware that frequency based technologies were also used on me. Given, frequency based technologies are used on me anyway – but with drugs like LSD they seem to be able to amplify certain effects, like trance states.

Bulger was aware that he was taking part in some kind of experiment, though clearly there was a lot that he wasn’t told, and also, it’s clear that they were torturing and psycholgically terrorizing these prisoners. But what was being left out? Something was.

I say this because Bulger seems to have essentially been weaponized by the CIA, similar to the way people around me have been weaponized, and this may actually be the reason why he was allowed to operate as he did, almost turning the FBI into a criminal puppet via a system of informants giving information to, and receiving information from, the FBI.

Bulger has written about how, after his MKULTRA experience, he hated LSD so much, he would never allow an LSD dealer anywhere around his turf. I think this is misdirection. In fact I suspect that Bulger may have been linked in some way to some of the dirtier tricks around LSD, including the cliff “experiment” that was done to me on June 8, 1991.

I suspect that one of the things Bulger was doing, with the blessing of the CIA and FBI, was distributing malfeasance-linked finance to different centers around the country. I think this includes gas and oil industry finance, maybe concrete, timber, and construction-linked finance, and other financing of this type. This may also have had links to bookmaking as I have the sense that the set ups around me involved people – including people in law enforcement – placing bets on whether I’d survive any given incident (the white pony incident of 1974 was alluded to in an early Barney Miller episode – obviously there are entertainment industry links). This kind of financing also seems to be linked to various gangs (including biker gangs) though I’m not sure what their role is, exactly – distribution? trafficking? enforcement? Some of this seems to have to do with reports to the FBI – that people around me who are empowered to give reports to the FBI, are obligated to give bad reports, and that these reports are scripted, and that the FBI knows this, and may even be writing the script – and that everyone is getting paid for this (“red envelopes”)

Normal informants for the FBI, as I understand it, are either working as part of a plea bargain agreement, or for pay. By paying the FBI, Bulger was involved in a reversal of the system. He claims that he was the one calling the shots, but I suspect the was working as part of a larger team, a team that is still thriving to this day.