Cancer-causer C.I.A.

I just woke up at 3am to a most unpleasant dream. The dream faded as I woke, but the gist of it was this. That there was an interest in murdering me with cancer, via tower based radiation (which is how Chris Newman, Sam Henry, and Andrew and Matt Loomis among many others were given cancer) aimed at my abdomen/stomach – probably choosing that area of my body because my maternal biological grandfather was murdered with stomach cancer, and the doctors can say, disingenuously, “it genetic.” It has something to do with newspaper clippings maybe, maybe related to Napalm Beach/Untouchables, and there’s the idea of three, like three clippings, and a sense of the article Charles Cross and I think specifically the article Cross wrote about Napalm Beach for Seattle’s Post Intelligencer back in 1981. Then I woke up with a distinct sense of having been attacked in the stomach with radiation weapons – I can feel it right now, hot and unpleasant, and Roxy was also attacked and jumped up on my bed screaming. (Now I’m getting it in the lungs too.) So here I am again. I’m just going to riff for awhile on this because I’m living through night after unpleasant night and I’ve come to the point of really having had enough of the control agenda. I’m going to say right now, this blog is going to be stream of consciousness, I got to get it out kind of writing. Definitely imperfect, and very important. I have decided I am not going to stop spitting truth, because truth is too important.

It’s clear beyond clear that the false and misleading stories about Nirvana and grunge are paid for and coerced and the whole control agenda goes back to the very origins of the label. Furthermore, it seems pretty clear that contrary to the way things have been spun in written histories, Courtney Love was an integral part of the beginning of Sub Pop, and it had to do with her role – and Sub Pop’s role – with both Chris Newman and Kurt Cobain. And that I have been gradually exposing that is making them want to come down on me.

A few things about this – I didn’t set out to “expose” anyone. I set out to tell the truth about Chris Newman’s history, the same thing I was doing in 2013 when all this trouble started. The thing is, when I start to write about the history of Chris Newman, somehow I keep uncovering troubling information about the history of Kurt Cobain. The first time this happened, it was because as I learned to decode the language in the songs, it became clear that Cobain’s lyrics were pointing to something bad happening, or that had happened. I considered Courtney a sympathetic character at that time, and she cleverly played into it in a number of visible ways that eventually became clear were tricks and set ups aimed at misdirecting me, and tripping me up. It is my understanding that in the background she’s been financing these false reports sent to FBI/CIA, “Op Anne Boleyn” with the intent of getting me killed with cancer, in order to cover up crimes committed by her and others in her orbit, including James Burdyshaw and Monica Nelson. It’s honestly hard for me to swallow that Monica’s been part of this but I just go with where the evidence is taking me.

I think that one of the things that’s happening is that in order to piece together Chris’ history, I have to use the historical record, and the books that are out there (and again, I’m not up on the latest but I can’t imagine it’s changed much) are books on “grunge” as a general phenomena, and books on Kurt Cobain specifically. It looks like there a couple books on others who were murdered through black bag ops – Andrew Wood, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell – and yes, they were all murdered (there were others too – Mia Zapata is a case that seems to be involving some mind control cover up). I’ve seen clear signs Staley and Cornell were murdered and I’m just assuming Andrew Wood was a murder too because it would fit the pattern. It’s not hard to see these things once you know what to look for and investigate. The clues are designed to be obvious to those to whom they need to be obvious, but subtle enough to make it difficult to bring a case to court. Though cases could still be brought, if the police were willing to investigate black bag ops murders. The evidence is pattern-based and the murders are done through piezo-electrical biomedical implant networks accessible to the FBI and CIA. Presumably, that’s why it’s so hard to get them to investigate or address my evidence-based claims about these biomedical implant networks. By now they seem to feel entitled to do this (implant people without consent and use the implants to abuse, maim, murder), even though they they know it’s illegal as hell. It’s hardcore gangster stuff done to innocent citizens under the guise of law enforcement, using weapons of state (US government).

But I digress.

My main problem right now seems to be that my line of inquiry has led me again to Kurt Cobain, and in doing so, I’ve been uncovering lie after lie, published in more than one biography. I’ve only been focused on one lie over the past few days, but in the background I’m finding others. With regards to the first lie, that James Burdyshaw of CAT BUTT saw Nirvana open for the OBITUARIES at Squid Row in the summer of 1988, the whole reason this came up for me at all is because I was trying to catalog as much of Chris Newman’s show history prior to 1996 in Seattle and Portland as I could, based on whatever I could dig up online in the form of show posters, calendars, or other histories. This move – a totally reasonable thing for me or anyone to do – seems to have made people freak the f out. Don’t forget, I’m under 24/7 total surveillance including my computer screen being monitored in real time, with the ability to retaliate against me also being in real time. It makes it a real bitch to get anything at all done. Obviously, that’s by design. I don’t call this system “Nazi” for nothing. (Also, real WWII Nazis have been involved. It’s Operation Paperclip linked, MKULTRA type stuff.)

Why are they freaked out and trying to prevent me from looking into a simple history? I don’t know. But in doing that, I came to this lie told by Burdyshaw to Everett True, and got into a discussion that involved Burdyshaw online trying to fact check it, and in doing this I said that I thought the publisher of the book Nirvana: The True Story was not doing due diligence with fact checking. I mean, any interviewee could either lie or make mistakes, but either the writer, or the publisher, should have caught it. But then I realized, there is a pattern of bad information in books about Cobain. There’s also oh-so-much theater going on around this, which is part of a distraction thing I think. Remember: control of focus is a big part of this. These people – like Courtney Love – are not amateurs. They all work from a common script and a set of behavior manipulation techniques that was developed by the CIA.

If you wanted to continue to give the Everett True book benefit of the doubt, you might say, “Well, Everett True is from England, not Seattle, and the book publisher is English too, so they can’t be expected to get everything right.” I don’t know whether that’s reasonable or not, but let’s say that is the case. It turns out that there are also errors in the Charles Cross book, Heavier Than Heaven, that I wouldn’t expect to find. I can think of three errors I’ve run across. Two of them have to do with circumstances around Cobain first meeting Courtney Love, and one has to do with when and where Nirvana played their first shows. Everett True also gets the Cobain meeting Courtney Love story wrong. I don’t know when or how they met but I know it had to be by 1989 if not earlier. If you asked me to guess, I’d guess they were in each other’s orbit before Straight To Hell. This is for a few reasons, one being the size of the scene, one being what is increasingly looking like Courtney Love’s pivotal role in the formation of Sub Pop, and one being that Courtney Love, who had already tried, as an underage teenager, to honeytrap Chris Newman, had been chosen to become Cobain’s honeytrap. I might write more about this – there’s too much to say to put it in here.

Remember, not just the recording industry, but the CIA, in all their well-financed occultified brilliance, is behind this, partnering with the FBI.

I have a decent idea of what Chris and my roles have been in this. It’s harder to understand some of these ancillary crimes, like what happened to Bret Bowman and to Kurt Cobain. A lot of crime seems to be done just to get people deeper and deeper into the system and become more and more dependent on the crime gang for financial protection and gain, social capital, professional advancement, and protection from the consequences of being involved in crime in the first place. In other words, it’s layers of control. Keep in mind this is not just a few rock musicians or even the entertainment business but there are a lot of powerful and connected people involved in this, and maybe most importantly, the multi-billion dollar health care industry, including hospitals, doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmaceutical companies, etc. All of these entities (and more) are participating in, and expect protection from, the CIA- and FBI-run crime network.

So basically the gist of it is this – by looking into, and publishing information about Chris Newman’s history, I disrupt the script that has been developed and repeated over and over, specifically in order to hide, not just crime around controlling Chris and burying his legacy, but crimes around Kurt Cobain – that they always planned to suicide him. And by they, I mean the CIA. The reason for this may simply have been to add another layer of protection to the attempt to keep Chris Newman from escaping lifelong imprisonment, but it’s also clear there’s a extremely lucrative profit system around these murders, and my understanding at this point is that the profit is from the financing of “FBI files” which are then used as a justification for murders, but I think there are other revenue streams as well, including streams linked specifically to cancer, a very lucrative disease. It’s not just murder, but insurance fraud. There’s also covert biomedical research going on. Many of these cancers are rare cancers, and give doctors the opportunity to try out the latest new treatments. And it’s not only cancer. Chronic and degenerative diseases are also lucrative diseases created by the CIA via biomedical implants. I also have reason to believe all the recent pandemics and re-emergence of older diseases like polio are part of this. In fact, as time goes by I’m realizing that the biological warfare component is huge and growing. It appears to be war-for-profit by the CIA and medical industry against, basically everyone in the world.

The bigger the crime, the more important control of information becomes. Right now publishing in general seems to be very controlled. That is obviously a first amendment violation. From my perspective, it’s hard to understand why Americans don’t fight harder on behalf of their constitutionally protected rights. You don’t even need to pick up a gun, you just need to tell the truth. But the first truth to tell would be the truth about the CIA crime network, because until that happens, it threatens everything and everyone, meaning there is no freedom.

I don’t know quite where to go next. Do I keep talking about Kurt and Courtney? Do I talk about whistleblowing I’ve witnessed around the hospitals?

One thing I will say is back in late 2017 it was made really clear to me while I was inside of Providence Hospital, on their internet network, via that network, that there was something to look out for under the name “Naomi.” Naomi is the name of Sam Henry’s ex-girlfriend who died of cancer before the age of 50. She was very close to Rozz Rezabek, an ex-boyfriend of Courtney Love. If the prevailing stories are to be believed, Courtney was stuck on Rozz for ages. Rozz was basically in love with Naomi, and Naomi was also pretty close to Chris. Naomi is also the name of an MKULTRA era CIA biological warfare program. I think both meanings were intended, in part because Naomi Levich was killed by the CIA – under technology linked to Project Naomi – radiation weapons and piezo-electrical biomedical implants. And why would she be killed? Apparently people are killed because of defamatory reports filed with the FBI. You can imagine who might have been filing defamatory reports on Naomi Levich.

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