1969 University of Washington “Spring Flush”

Some pages from a book on Seattle music – pages are 1969-70 – I made was at first looking at the line up for the May 3 Spring Flush (see poster) but then I noticed that on Chris Newman’s 16th birthday Paul Revere and the Raiders headlined a three-day “Teen Spectacular” at Seattle Center. The bands at University of Washington and the use of the pink butterfly as an illustration, caught my attention. One of the bands was Peanut Butter Conspiracy, making me think of the famous Iggy Pop peanut butter scenes from June 1970, and the fact that Iggy had a song called 1969, and another called 1970.

For his whole life, Chris had a weakness for peanut butter, which he would binge on. I could tell by how and when it came on, that it was frequency-induced. So it was a biomedical attack, one of many that affected his weight, his self-image (he falsely believed that he lacked self-discipline or self-control) his happiness (because of the effect on his self-image), and his health. It was literally a peanut butter conspiracy, but it wasn’t funny, it was cruel.

I know that my father’s alma mater, University of Washington. was among the many universities involved in butterfly making, and this is just further evidence.

With regards to Courtney Love, there is another misdirecting story about her where it’s said that Rozz Rezabek is the first person to call her “Love” as a pet name, as in “Courtney, Love.” There is an alternate story that Love was literally her middle name. I don’t know about that but I believe that she was called Courtney Love going back to early childhood. Her mother basically says this in her book, quoting herself as addressing her as “Courtney, Love” driving through San Francisco when Courtney was still a toddler. I bring this up, because if it is true, and if it is also true that Courtney was under a lot of surveillance, or if this whole idea of “love” is something older, that’s always been linked to her – then that means that when the word “love” appears in a song, even an old song, it might refer to her, or to her role.