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Chris Newman wasn’t the only one in his family who was brutally run down and murdered 2020-21. His mother was, too. Hollywood sometimes does us a “favor”? of showing how the creeps depict and fictionalize by writing the fictionalizations into movies in such a way that I can recognize to whom they are referring. Based on that, I see Chris’ mother, who was kind, intelligent, quiet, long-suffering (too long) – who was attacked biomedically and falsely diagnosed as having Alzheimers disease – was portrayed as petty, attention seeking, callous, disingenuous. One of the portrayals of her was leaked via the not-particularly-sympathetic protagonist in the 2021 movie Breaking News In Yuba County.

That Chris believed she actually had Alzheimers disease speaks to the power of his belief in doctors. Maybe he – maybe everyone – believes in the integrity of doctors (?) or maybe he was brain-controlled not to question these things but there is no way in hell that woman had Alzheimers disease, and certainly not the “advanced” Alzheimers she’d been diagnosed with.

But over and over I could provide Chris with evidence showing that people were lying, and he couldn’t put it together or shake the trust he had or the image he had of certain individuals, family members, professions. It’s tempting to psychologize all of this because that’s how we’re trained, but more likely it was simple conditioning and frequency-based mind control.

Chris’ 87 year old mother was from my perspective desperately signaling that something was terribly wrong and for this she was either being ignored, punished, or portrayed as an attention seeker. It almost seems like this crime group gets a sick pleasure out of portraying someone as the opposite of what they actually are, and managing to sell that portrayal.

What I saw Chris go through in his final days, the kind of tremendous artist he was, what he was trying to do at the end, how even a graceful exit was denied to him in favor of monsters who thought it would be “cute” to have him collapse in the bathroom like Elvis and then tortured the same way they tortured my dog to death in 1992.

I’m telling you. These are the real monsters and they deserve their just desserts.

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