Sweet Young Thing (Ain’t Sweet No More)

journal entry from 7 July 1987
journal entry from 7 July 1987 – Mike Payne was regularly going out to bars, leaving me alone, coming home after closing, drunk, vomiting in the toilet. My mother had given me the calcium vitamins.

“Sweet Young Thing” was originally a song by the Monkees (1966)

I know that something very strange
Has happened to my brain
I’m either feeling very good
Or else I am insane
The seeds of doubt you planted
Have started to grow wild
And I feel that I must yield
Before the wisdom of a child

And it’s love you bring
No, that I can’t deny
And with your wings
I can learn to fly
Sweet young thing

(Mike Payne was born in 1961. His father and I think his grandfather were pilots.)

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