Erika Schlaeger Dos Santos

Last night, it is clear that there were frequency-based (radiation) attacks to my brain, and to my lungs. Such attacks have been going on, off and on, for some years, and they were particularly bad last year. It is my understanding – and this is pretty clear – that behind these attacks is the FBI.

The part of this that is a bit confusing is that the FBI seems to work, at least in part, through people whom one would not normally associate with the FBI. They are not, in other words, receiving a paycheck from the FBI. In fact, they may be part of a system that PAYS the FBI, and who, in return are armed with surveillance access and covert weaponry, and are protected when they use these weapons to harm and kill. Who in fact, likely harm and kill at the behest of the FBI. The money for all of this comes from various types of human trafficking and drug trafficking activities, murders and assassinations for hire, and from corporate sources, and even foreign sources. Millionaires, billionaires, foreign governments all pay for a piece. The whole thing is run by the CIA.

One of the individuals who is linked to the FBI/CIA in this way, is the woman I mentioned as being linked to, in the 1980s, at least two underage honey traps, one sent to Chris (Courtney Love) and one sent to me (“George”). That woman is Erika Schlaeger Dos Santos, probably now known as Erika Dos Santos. The Dos Santos part of her name comes from her marriage in the 1990s to an immigrant from Brazil (from whom she later divorced).

I have known Erika Schlaeger – or at least a version of her – since September 1985, when we were both 17 years old. But she usually lived in Minneapolis and I usually lived on the west coast, so our personal contact was limited. Once I understood that Schlaeger was a hostile entity, in spring 2018, I cut off contact with her. But one thing I noticed is that she seemed to be attempting to paint both me and my daughter as “activists” – perhaps with the sense – either covertly or overtly made – that we were dangerous activists. This seems to be something she’s doing on behalf of the FBI. The ironic thing is, though we’ve attended a peaceful demonstration here or there, and in the 1990s I worked for an organization who’s mission was to reduce toxic exposures to humans and the environment – I can’t recall doing anything even remotely activist in the times I had direct contact with Erika Schlaeger. In fact, for the vast majority of that time I was a college student focused on studying, writing, and (what I thought were normal) romantic relationships.

When I knew Schlaeger in the 1980s she lived in a warehouse space in downtown Minneapolis with artists all over the place. She lived in the Berman Buckskin warehouse from about 1985 until late ’88 or early ’89 when, my recollection is, she moved into a warehouse called the California building in northeast Minneapolis. Before I knew her, as a young person, I believe she and her mother lived in the Colonial Warehouse.

Schlaeger has travelled a lot. I knew her to travel, in particular, to Germany (Berlin seemed to be a favorite destination of hers in the 1980s) and South America. To my recollection she can speak at least three languages (English, German, Portugese)- and it’s possible she has proficiency in more. And one thing that’s occurred to me, is when people who I knew back then travelled – and many of them did, often back and forth to the same locations – Mike Payne in Southeast Asia, and other friends to Mexico and South America – it doesn’t necessarily mean they were sharing with me EVERYWHERE they went – much less why they kept going back to the same geographical locations, or how they got the money – while also being college students – to do this again and again.