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Occult Numerology and FBI/CIA

There is a lot of coded language, names, visual symbols, and and numerology involved in all of these linked events. It took me a while to figure out that most people have been “educated” somehow in all of this – while I had to put it together from media.

I’ve been looking at the whole thing long enough to know that the coded language has dialects that vary based on various factors, and that their has been, I believe, a distinct effort to manipulate the language to be as powerful and as violent as possible. Symbols are deliberately co-opted and used for specific purposes, just as the Nazi party co-opted and essentially ruined an ancient, nearly universal symbol – the swastika. This is part of a bigger mind control system – and the mind control system is really a total control system.

Behind much of this is the CIA, working from a much older occult system or group of systems – encompassing not just espionage and subversion but medicine, psychology (including mass psychology, cults, etc), alchemy, magic, and of course, drug experimentation and trafficking. The whole thing is a system of crime wrapped in a mandatory omerta enforced with mind control, finance, and violence. Murder – mass murder. And I am talking about literally millions of deaths. This much I’ve been able to figure out.


The idea of “twin” or linked events – not only murders and disasters, but definitely murders and disasters – is central. I often say “linked” rather than “twin” because the thing about these events is they don’t stop at two. They’re linked like spiderwebs – one murder is linked to several others, but from different nodes.

There are links to other secret societies. I was able to figure out a lot about the numerology by using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck like a decoding ring.

With regards to numerology, doubled numbers seem to be special. 11, 33, and 22, in particular seem to stand out. All of this – the covert symbols and numerology – seem to be fully embraced in particular by the FBI/CIA. They use occult numerology in dates, in stories, in descriptions – and in crimes, by which I mean, crimes they are orchestrating via the use of mind control technology. Like, for example, the 9/11 attacks. But you’ll find it in a lot of other instances as well.

This numerology, as I said, is also linked to Freemasonry. I used to think that Masonic groups and police links to Masonic brotherhood were the problem. I now think that’s not exactly what the issue is. The issue is that the most powerful entities in our nation – possibly in the world – the FBI/CIA – are, and have been engaged in a massive, financed, worldwide crime spree.

What is the number 33 about exactly? When did it start becoming a “thing”? Some people say Jesus was 30 or 33 years old when he died. But aside from that – according to my research – 33 degree Masonry didn’t start until the 19th century. 33 1/3 RPM record was invented in the 20th century. Interestingly, both of Chris’ parents were born in 1933.

Over and over, what is most frustrating to me about this whole thing is the power of the omerta. If there is a location where any of this is discussed openly, I don’t know where that is. But a huge part of the power of this system lies in it being protected by silence, and by centralized powers misconstruing, manipulating, and erasing historical information and other data, a machine against which I’m constantly battling. It is only through open discussion, dialectic, scientific method that truth can be understood, and it is only by understanding the world as it is that we can move forward successfully as a people – I’m talking about the future survival of the human race and of planet earth.

This crime involves deliberate wiping away not only of histories, but human lives, and even entire families. The mentality is that of pruning branches off of a family tree.

There is a lot of camouflage, distraction, disinformation, manipulation, meaningless discussion, rabbit holes to fall into. While all that is going on, the murder machine continues along a path which is relentless.

I can prove that this murder machine exists. I shouldn’t have to do so, however, because it’s already widely understood to exist. The problem is that the institutions of our government, private, and non-profit sectors who are charged with protecting the health and well being of human beings seem to have been consumed and co-opted by this system. It’s not hard at all to figure out how that happened. It has to do with what people are expected to do, and who they are expected to protect, in order to rise through the ranks into powerful positions. If you protect the gang, the reasoning is, the gang will protect you. Until they don’t, anymore.

The gang may ask you to throw your brother, sister, mother or child to the machine. And you will be expected to comply. The trauma you experience through acts such as this will make it easier for your to tolerate subsequent acts of violence and betrayal. Rather than moving to action when something horrible happens or is about to happen – your mind will go blank. You’ll think about something else. Maybe you’ll get paid off. Your main task is then to figure out how to live with yourself. I suppose people start to do math in their heads – try to rationalize functioning within this system, and to figure out how to succeed within the system, rather than attempting to dismantle the system, even when opportunities exist for dismantling the system and replacing it with something safer, more honest, more wholesome and more real. I know that change is possible, but it won’t be possible as long as we are forced to keep horrible secrets.



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