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Sound Choice Review of “Liquid Love” (1989)

Liquid Love is available through Flying Heart Records

Tired of rock stars high on eyeliner? Wondering what Faustian deal was cut with promising artists such as Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and Robert Plant? Who castrated the Who? Where did the quick in Quicksilver go? Unfortunately most early hard rock bands died an early living death, many whom are still among us as somnambulists walking up and down the charts. Hard Rock is a valid genre. Too bad the field got littered with a Las Vegas idea of heaven. Yet in all our home towns someone has given this fallen angel of music some redemption. Over the last few years it’s been the punks mostly who have rung it home. Just when you thought hard rock was ready for another Liberace (or Wayne Newton) a Power Duo comes along like Napalm Beach. They take their inspiration from the peak hard core moments of bands like Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly, Doors and the Stooges. They can play at my party anytime.

— Darrell Jonsson, Sound Choice Magazine, 1989. Los Angeles.